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In the beginning...Spapper McStovehead, of the Ulster before Ulster McStoveheads, is the descendant of Vikings, Huns, and drunken Irishmen. Mostly drunken Irishmen. Moved around against his will as a child, he grew to dislike many places, including King Kelly's Drive, The Battlefields of Hastings, coconut-ridden seashores and small phosphate mining boom towns that didn't die out. Not that he's bitter or filled with anger, mind you. The early years were formative for his present views, but luckily he has kept them hidden from the general public long enough to start settling down into a semi-normal life of actor, student and philosopher.

Death Car!!!
Stovers in penguin suits

See Spapper McStovehead's death mobile!! On display at the Hard Rock Cafe, Reykjavik, Iceland.

The Stovers at the height of their disco reign, with then-manager Jeff "Sheik Yerbouti" Travolta (top middle).

With the Stovers...Spapper began his still-in-the-womb vocal career with the PrismEffect of Raindrop Singers, a vocal group that sang show tunes and classical Brahms. He honed his craft with the help of several teachers, The Beatles, Elvis, and car stereos. After learning of the need for a vocalist within the Pompeii Stoveheads, Spapper ignited the near capacity empty seats of the Old School Auditorium with an audition that is still talked about in hushed tones. This led to several gigs in and around the DeSoto Trail area, and the development of what scientists say is the first evidence of the "groupie" phenomenon - young women throwing togas and their animal skin undergarments at him on stage. The glory was short-lived, though, as Spapper suffered massive injuries in a one and a half car pileup. The actual events of this crash are shrouded in mystery, and many believe that Spapper did die in the wreck. One fact to support this theory is the well-documented search by the remaining Stovers for a "Spapper Look-a-Like". No one entered the contest, and rumor has it that Buford and Zeke performed the ancient voodoo chili ritual of brunswick stew over the crash site to bring Spapper back. With new life and energy, Spapper returned to the stage just in time for the exciting disco era, which saw incredibly close band harmony and happiness, especially for Buford, who longs for the permanent return of the era (Oooh - Oooh - He's a disco inferno!!).

Spapper today... The current whereabouts of Spapper are somewhat vague. He was seen touring Europe in the last few years, asking directions to Stone Hinge. However, conflicting reports have him communing with Elvis on Follow That Dream Parkway, working in an emergency room or cleaning early-in-the-week oxidation from his guitar.

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