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Dear Friends,

I come from a place far from here. A place unlike this one, that has little obscurity. I was sent here some time ago, that I might research this place and the interactions thereof (hereof?). While on my mission, I found a certain intriguing pleasure in the rhythm of sounds, much like the harmony found deep inside us all. I've enjoyed this unity of time and space, as it seems to breed a balancing effect within its sphere of influence.

Is not rhythm merely the positioning of things within time and space ~ rhythm of sound, of life, the rhythm of love? Yea, I say!

Rhythm is a powerful thing, as well as a thing of power. So, while I continue this mission, my hopes are that others, too, will seek this rhythm... and find it - to enjoy its gift, a gift from far away - as it is aloof here...


Soy A. Bean

Dude, I'm opening for Molly Hatchet! I just wanna bang on these drums all day...

Soybean, drummer extraordinaire, (l) tearing it up while opening for Molly Hatchett at a recent Daytona Beach, FL show, and (r) doing the same in an Orlando night club.

Places Known For Rhythmic Orientation

Pearl Drums

Modern Drummer Magazine

Alesis Products

E-mu Systems, Inc.

Admittedly, most of these are products, which do nothing, or very little, on their own ~ yet once you put the power of rhythm into them...

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