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The actual "recording" process really began one weekend in March of 1997 when we (Buford, Spapper and Zeke) got together and laid down guide tracks with a drum machine. At this time we settled on which songs we wanted to attempt. Our philosophy is that if we're not having fun it's not worth doing--and these sessions started no differently. Outtakes from this session feature reggae, blues and extended feedback versions of many of the songs as well as in-depth discussions on the merits of Ovaltine.

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Soon after the session, Soy Bean Stovehead rejoined the fold and laid down drum tracks for most of the album (if it sounds like actual drums then it's his playing). After his tracks were recorded, Zeke and Buford recorded lead and rhythm guitar and bass tracks. The next step was to acquire vocals. With Spapper missing in action, special thanks go out to C.H. and Neil from the Clan of the Ravens for their time and vocals on Wife and Dog, Li'l Sip O' Wine and Big Top. With many songs still left to be sung, Zeke handled all remaining vocal chores until Spapper appeared at the zero hour to perform Stovers' Jam and (I Wanna) Kill Someone.

One advantage to the length of time that it took to finish this project was our ability to go digital. The initial sessions were recorded on analog tape in Atlanta, GA and Gainesville and Orlando, FL. These versions were then transferred to digital with the remaining tracks finished up in the digital domain in 3D studios in Atlanta. We used state-of-the-art 20-bit sampling and were able to mix, master and burn CD's ourselves.

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