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As (formerly) heard on WRAS, Album 88!

Welcome to Stover Central, the Pompeii Stoveheads' Official Website! If you've heard us on WRAS' "Cowtippers Delight," welcome! If you haven't, that's okay, they don't play us on there anymore, anyway.
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Please join us in our musical adventure by perusing our pages and get lost in the mystical potatocism that is Stover Central...

We can neither confirm nor deny Stover work on an album of all new material called "More Fun," nor can we comment on a Stovehead reunion tour that may or may not be occuring.

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  History of the band

  Soy Bean's Musings

  Buford's Tale

  The Making of
      Kudzu Ray Gun
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Follow these links to hear actual samples of original Stovehead music...

  Waffle House Girl   (Kudzu Raygun's first single.)

  Aztec Pie   (recipe-based title cut from our second record.)

  I'm on the Inside   (snippet from Rocks in the Head.)

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Very special thanks to the incomparable Andy at  www.sonador.com   for providing space for this site, but, even more so for just being a wonderful person, one hell of a man and perhaps nearly the most enjoyable human being I've ever met.
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