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The Pompeii Stoveheads
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The band was beginning to make a huge reputation for itself and was in demand everywhere. Pompeii was one of the largest venues in the Old World and 79 AD was obviously the end of a decade of triumph for the Stovers. To cap off their world tour, the Stoveheads decided to do a three night engagement in Pompeii. Little did they know that Mt. Vesuvious was about to erupt...

Unheaded in Seattle
Zeke (Zen's identical twin) and Buford, post eruption.

As the band was making its way toward the city, a great rumbling was felt as a huge volcanic explosion rocked the ground. Fortunately for the Stovers, they were far enough away to escape with their lives, but they were close enough to be forever changed. It seems that (and science has since proven this to be true) that Spapper, Zen, Buford and Soybean (who happened to be joining the band while on hiatus from his New World gig) inhaled enough volcanic ash and fumes to become somehow preserved. The physical aging process literally stopped for them, and so began the rest of their existence.

The strain proved too much for Zen. He was found dead in his abode, strapped to a poorly grounded electric guitar, Coke containers strewn about the place and traces of formaldehyde on his fingertips. Despite Zen's untimely demise, Spapper learned a new appreciation for life from the eruption and was soon after happily married and, in an effort to dedicate himself to family, he quit the band and began traveling Europe.

The loss of Zen and Spapper, and Soy's return to the New World, might have killed Buford were it not for the appearance of the heretofore unknown Ezekiel "Zeke" Stovhead. Zeke, it turned out, was Zen's identical twin brother and he was able to step seamlessly into Zen's shoes.

After many years of playing with aging musicians, Soybean returned to the Stover folds and is now, once again, the band's full-time drummer. Mystical Potatocism to all! And to all, a good night.

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