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The Pompeii Stoveheads
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The year was 79 AD and the band had undergone a bit of an overhaul. Daehe had left the band in order to pursue a blossoming acting career. Soybean had left also, opting to lend his considerable talents to a new band that had come up with the revolutionary idea of staying in one town, thus becoming the first ever "house band." They played at a pub somewhere in the Florida Peninsula of the New World.

For its day, this synchronized chariot jump was a risky and highly difficult maneuver!

But, as so often is the case in times of despair, a ray of hope shone through. Enter Spapper McStovehead. Spapper joined the Stoveheads and became the band's lead singer allowing Zen Amoeba to play the guitar full time. With Soy gone, the band's percussion was was left to zealous townsfolk, whose rudimentary feet stomping surely inspired what later became known as, "that Stovehead drum machine sound." This line-up of Spapper, Zen and Buford can be heard on the band's first three album releases. The first, Montezuma Genocide, was an experimental album covering old ditties of the many tribes who walked before them. It did, however, contain this line-up's first original number, Voodoo Chili. Voodoo Chili became a launching board for a deluge of titles from The Stovers spanning two consecutive all-original albums, Aztec Pie and Rocks in the Head.

The writing during this period was a shared effort, but Zen penned most all of the music, while the band shared a bit more equally the lyrical responsibilities. Soon, Stovehead song titles such as "I Wanna Be Elvis," "I'm At Least 1,000 People," and, "I'm On the Inside" became cliche's. But all was not to be merry in the land of Stover. For things were again about to change...

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