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The Pompeii Stoveheads
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The Pompeii Stoveheads are one of many musical tribes that roamed the European and Middle Eastern countryside in the 70's AD. During this time period, most news items and human interest stories were disseminated to the common folk in song-form. So, the arrival of news-bearing minstrels in any township was reason for great celebration, regardless of talent of the musicians or the veracity of their tales.

Cantankerous and the White Boy
"Those Cantankerous Boys" in a rare and very collectable still etching, circa 75AD.

The Pompeii Stoveheads, at that time, consisted of four members: Zen Amoeba Stovhead, Buford Enis Stovehead, Soybean A. Stovehead and Daehe (Day-uh) Vots Stovehead. Daehe played guitar, lute and saxophone. Soybean was the drummer. Buford played the cello and Zen was the primary singer (also taking on some guitar duties during Daehe's extended saxophone solos). It was a hard life, traveling from town to town, but things for "Those Cantankerous Boys" (as they were known at the time) were about to change...

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