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DVD Industries is proud to announce the acquisition of VCR Records. Through this merger, VCR and its stable of artists now join DVD's family of labels and will finally receive the mass-distribution that they so richly deserve.

Zeke & Buford 2k

The initial transitional product of this merger was a promotional-only CD, released prior to the first quarter 2001 retail selling season. This full-length CD, titled, "ECLECTICITY," included many artists under the DVD umbrella and featured both unreleased Stovehead tracks and solo tracks from Zeke and Buford. This was the first new Stovehead-connected material since '99's "Kudzu Raygun" and the Stovers' abandoned stadium tour.

The remainder of the CD included music from The Funkin' Agitators, SUPER ID, and newly unearthed recordings of Spasmatic "Kiwi" Johnson and !Les from the early 40's.

This promotional-only unit is currently available to the media and all interested parties upon request (see e-mail link below). Check back to this site for the latest information on the upcoming "RECLECTICITY" and other historic releases.

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