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In the past, Buford was most famous for continually stating, "Hello, my name is Buford, and I just play bass." Of late, however, his prolific flatulence has been deemed his greatest asset. Of course, if you've perused the band's history, then you'll know that Buford's bass playing and methane production are not all that he does for the Stovers. Due in no small part to his expanding musical abilities, Buford is now responsible for as much as 20% of the band's writing duties. He also occasionally tackles lead and rhythm guitar and, on rare occasions, lends his oxidzed golden pipes to vocal duty.

Cool Buford Recording 'Rocks in the Head'

Buford, left, trying desperately to impress the ladies with his "don't I look just like the lead guitarist from Loverboy?" fashion stylings, and right, laying down bass lines for Rocks in the Head

Buford's lyrics and bass playing are known to inflame. Using subjects as diverse as Voodoo and Fast Food to Jesus' trendy long hair, if someone can be offended by it, Buford will write about it. Recently, for a soulful tune, Buford penned the lyric, "I'm a communist baby, come over here and share your love." It was summarily rejected by the band. Outright. This is typical.

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You can e-mail Buford at: SmagBoy1@hotmail.com
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