[Peter Langley]


Now that a week has passed, and my donor has turned the corner, it is important to include her experiences. At the hospital, she could not even get Ginger Ale, and the pain medications she was on were making her sick. She went home the day before I did, but has been in considerable pain and still suffering from nausea. Yesterday, she still had been able to eat nothing solid, and was very blue. However, she decided to get off the hard core pain killers and see if that helped, and the telephone message I had waiting for me when I got home today was some of the best news of the week. She had “turned the corner” and could finally feel nothing but good about the entire procedure. I called, and it was wonderful. I don’t know if it was the passage of time, the getting off of the pain killers or what, but she said she is a new person.

My wife and I are going to see her tomorrow, now that she can eat, and take her a goodie basket. It is a truly blessed day.

[Diane and Pete] I had a much better night last night, only waking up twice with a headache. It was also not nearly as strong as before. I know that this may be an aberration, but it might also be a turn around. I will opt for the latter, if possible. I also picked up a hint. One of the pills I take (down to eight now, from an original of twenty) is simply the most terrible tasting thing I have ever experienced. I will leave it to you to determine which one. It should not be hard. I have taken to taking a piece of white bread, ripping out small pieces, and completely coating the pills in a squeezed bread coating. This avoids the taste and makes it possible to take them without gagging. I strongly recommend it. I have always been able to take pills without water in the past, but these little things make me want to throw up!

My blood pressure was up at the clinics yesterday, but was way down this morning. I am waiting to hear from the clinic to determine whether or not I need to take a second blood pressure med in addition to the one I have been on for years, since some of the anti-rejection drugs elevate blood pressure.

My blood sugars last night were between 200 and 250, but I recognize I did not eat smart. This morning, the blood sugar was 70, so it is still obviously in flux.

We went to see Diane and her mother this morning and stayed a couple of hours. She was really in excellent spirits. Since she is now, finally, eating solid foods, we took a goody basket which she indicated will be well used. Cookies and tea and such, as she loves tea.

She looked good, and said getting off of some of the medications had made all of the difference in the world. Her spirits were good and she was laughing and joking. It seemed somewhat strange to be sitting next to a person while using one of her body parts, but she was so natural with it that it was not at all awkward. She asked if everything was working all right, and I replied that she ought to know, it used to be hers. Thus far, a very good day.

The Second Week Comes To A Close