[Peter Langley]

The Final Chapter

It is with deep sadness and regret that I introduce this, the last chapter in Peter Langley's Kidney Failure journal.

Mr. Langley first approached me about sharing his kidney transplant experiences in early 2000. As the Webmaster of the local-interest "Visions of Yankeetown" web site I was able to provide the technical skills and medium needed to translate his private journal into a public resource. As a long-time friend of the Langley family, it gave me great pleasure to do something, anything, to help. Along the way, I got the special opportunity to be the first outside his immediate family to read each page before it became part of the Internet. I learned about Peter Langley III. More than just the father of my childhood friend or husband of my former teacher, Peter Langley was a man and a very human figure. Faced with a challenge that promised to be long, agonizing, expensive, and emotionally crushing, he found deep springs of love and friendship from those around him. He also discovered the depths of his own existence; as his journal eloquently details, he re-learned the value of love, the love of life, and the importance of friends and family. He faced the challenge of eternity with honorable traits: fear and courage. We can all look to him as a guide when our times come.

Peter Langley III, your time ended too soon. Your life was full and you shared your laughter and excitement with everyone you met. You met your death with dignity. Your memory is safe within the hearts of those who knew and loved you. I am proud to have known you.

Andy Seely

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Pat.