[Peter Langley]

A Three Week Review

I have court tomorrow, the first since the surgery. It will be interesting to see how I fare. I have a lot of strength, and a lot of ďget up and go,Ē but the afternoon naps still appear inviting. I believe my stamina will grow quickly, as I am taking fewer naps of shorter duration already. I feel so much better.

I had the headaches for a week or more, but they have been over for more than a week now. I will wake up with a minor headache occasionally, but I have not needed an ice pack or Tylenol in well over a week. The incisions never hurt, which still boggles my mind. The skin that was ripped off with the bandages hurt, but that is gone. I have absolutely no pain anywhere any more.

The getting tired was okay at first, but I am tired of getting tired. Not being able to drive like I used to is taking some getting used to, but I am driving - very carefully - and have had absolutely no problems. Other than that, I am following directions to the letter, but I could not take being cabin fevered any longer.

The medications have taken a minor toll, but other than the blood sugar issues, everything is working out well. I got my first monthís prescriptions today, and it was $310.00 with insurance. It would have been well over a thousand dollars without the insurance. Of course, some of these are coming down in the near future, so that will be good.

Three weeks plus of a new life, and that new life is good.

The weekend is almost over, and it has been a generally good weekend. My blood sugars are coming down with the new insulin regimen, but I crashed on Friday - 55 at mid-morning - and was low again this morning (Sunday) at 68 at about 11:30 a.m. However, since changing the insulin, none of the readings have approached 400, and I have gone whole days with nothing over 300. It is not good yet, but it is a whole lot better.

I remember that I may experience change hair growth, and have found it finally. I am very hairy to begin with, everywhere except the back of my head. Unfortunately, this is not where the hair has decided to come in heavier. I now have a stripe down my chest and belly about an inch wide which is dark and lush, and my wife says I have more hair on my back, especially on the right side. Oh well, at least I donít have one wide eyebrow like some people have experienced.

My blood pressure readings were up over the weekend, but were better this morning. I donít know if all of the new medications are a reason or not, but I will find out at clinic tomorrow. Itís always something, as Roseanne Rosanadana used to say on Saturday Night Live, but thus far, at least, it has been minor and easily correctable.

Today is four weeks from surgery, and this is my last week of two a days at clinic. In fact, looking at the schedule, it appears that I am going directly to one clinic visit every two weeks. Clinic yesterday was good, except for the blood sugars. Adjustments were made, but I see very little difference today. Lunch was low, and the 3:00 p.m. remained high. However, one of the imunosuppresent drugs was lowered, and there were no headaches last night, as in none, nada, zero. A first since the Friday I got out of the hospital.

I went to work for half a day today, and felt good. The funny feeling of high blood sugar kicked in after I got home, and is now easing off, with a shot of Regular insulin. This has to get regulated, but I know from past experience that it is an agonizingly slow process.

My web site is slowly building, operative word slow, but I hope to get this on before too long, if I can overcome my total ineptness.