[Peter Langley]


Since I have been going to clinic for a few weeks, I thought it important to report on the clinic experience. As I indicated, the first day was a total disaster, as the labs were in total dissaray. As I pointed out later, the labs have improved dramatically, to the point that I took in a collection of harvest cookies to the lab this morning, and was greeted with great enthusiasm. Even though I have had problems with the lab, and even though my veins are often totally uncooperative, I have never felt any pain at all. Their expertise as latter day vampires is without peer, and the office controls are greatly improved since my talk with the manager.

[Pat] After giving blood at 6:00 a.m., my wife and I go to breakfast. We get back around 7:00, and sign in. If I am there at 6:00, I get in around 7:30 for weighing, blood pressure, and temperature. Then, around 8:30, either Dr. Crabtree or Dr. Silkerson comes in and checks lungs, ears, eyes, and mouth, as well as checking the incisions and for any abdomnible pain.

Both Dr. Crabtree and Dr. Silberston appear totally competent, interested, and concerned. Further, both of them are extremely attractive. Itís almost like being in a hospital soap opera. I cannot imagine better medical care than I am getting.

There is also a visit from a pharmacist each visit to insure that their records are up to date, and the coordinator, Tracey, visits with you, but not on every visit. I think she is basically there for support in the event of concerns or problems, of which I have really had very, very few.

I feel totally confident with the medical staff with which I am meeting, and can recommend Shands to anyone - both for the surgery and for the follow-up.

A Three Week Review