[Peter Langley]

Three Weeks and Counting

My wife and I decided to try something on the blood sugar problem. Instead of 90 units of 70/30 insulin in the morning, I took 65. I took the other 25 at lunch time. My lunch time was still good - under 150 - and my afternoon was down more than 100 points. It was still over 300, but this was only two hours after eating, so maybe this is progress. Tomorrow, I am going to go to 60 and 40, and possibly an even balance of 50 three times per day would be best. At least it appears to be worth a try.

To celebrate my three week anniversary, my father-in-law drove me to the School Board meeting. It was very nice to be back, and everyone was very kind and solicitous. The superintendent congratulated me on my progress during the meeting, and said that I was looking better than before the surgery, but that, unfortunately, I still wasn’t good looking. This is the kind of joking that I have missed.

I worked half a day, and came home and took a nap. Okay, I feel better, but the reserves are not yet what they should be. I think part of my problem is that I have gotten used to taking naps, which is not altogether a bad thing. However, as I go in more and more - part days only for a period of time - I think it will come back better than ever.

It has been an absolutely amazing three weeks, absolutely amazing.

I had labs again, and everything remains good except for the blood sugars. They finally gave up on balancing with the limited 70/30 insulin and went directly to NPH and R, so that they can balance between the two more effectively. I start with the new regimen tonight, and, hopefully, this will help. I won’t see any real change until tomorrow, of course.