God's Plan for You

America has a great spiritual destiny. Honor your flag and your Country.s symbol, the eagle. The heart of man desires peace, and it will come. It is not the Father.s Will that this earth be destroyed, but is the will of those who are against the Light. Wonderful changes will come forth. It is like a great wound that has to have powerful medicine to heal it, the Word of God, Christ Jesus, the greatest Name given for your use. In your atmosphere is food for your bodies, your animals and fuel for your engines in your future. Machines will be invented to travel anywhere. There.s no death, machines will show your loved ones in the Inner plane alive and well.
The eagle is a symbol of the ability of all Beings to be elevated and serve the higher purposes of the Spirit. Not as a servant to their own desires and whims, but for the greatest good of all. All Beings can be uplifted and united into the Oneness of the Father.
America must return to the worship of the Creator. Created in His Image, the Angels are given charge over you. Learn to protect yourself from harm, to heal your body, affairs and circumstances. Know how to get answers to your prayers. Bible passages relate to your life today and the wonderful Being that you are!
God reveals His Plan for you through the Archangels, Masters, Healers and the Cosmic You were created out of the Love of the Father. His Everlasting Arms hold you, as the Christ holds the little lamb, bringing you safely home.

Betty Berger www.yankeetown.com/heaven

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