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mick AKA ????

Posted by billlake 
mick AKA ????
March 20, 2015 03:52PM
Michael has had an alter ego for a while MICK
He has been destructive now wants $
I guess because he has lost his home 'failure to pay his mtge
OOPS he used that money to live on
Left the mtge holder high and dry
But that's MICK
Makes many claims
Sorry but hes nothing but a sad sad useless soul
See you in court
Re: mick AKA ????
January 06, 2016 03:23PM
Mayor Lake,
A novel concept You probably failed to grasp is that when people are falsely arrested,
they tend to lose their jobs when it's a 3 count felony arrest.

They tend to lose their licensure when it requires resolution to 'open arrests' where arrangements were made to make certain that arrest hasn't been timely dismissed.

People in trades are expected to be professional. When they have new/current purported 'criminal activity', it tends to deter folks who hire from doing so.

When incomes are lost, people have a difficult time making ends meet. Is it the fault of the employers when employees are falsely arrested? Nope. So who's fault ultimately would it be if someone lost their house, because they lost their job, because they lost their licensure, because they couldn't renew same, because those who actually broke the law were punishing the person revealing the criminal conduct and the arresting party(s) did so under the 'color of law' to silence the truth? I think everyone is led to the same answer.

Showing where public officials broke (federal or state) Law isn't being 'destructive'. It's called an 'expose`' in the publishing and news world. Suppression of the truth is a further expose`. Stopping the truth is a physical impossibility because it all is revealed in the end, and time is now Your enemy far more so than mine.

Regardless Your attempted smear(s), people unable to pay their mortgages certainly hasn't been an unheard of dilemma in Inglis, or anywhere in Florida for that matter; our inability to meet all of our obligations was due (directly) to a false arrest on the part of Your buddies, to protect both themselves and You; it even worked for a While.
That while has passed.

The Court of Public Opinion gets to soon make it's own decision(s), and the facts are no less valid today than 4.75 years ago, and for what it's worth, the (federal) statute of limitations on the federal crimes involved, doesn't toll until 2024. I have lots of time remaining to make my case(s) and will thoroughly document every criminal act, with posted supporting evidence, and sooner than later, somebody will pay attention and pass along the information.

Sad, sad useless soul? Let the reader decide;
Since there was a settlement, there will be no court date;
However we may all see You there some time soon?

To be continued, again, likely in a new thread for purposes of clarity & focus.
If confused as to why I have so much free time on my hands, pay a visit to Your Mayor and ask, why she's so willing to throw You under the bus.

Like many times previously here, the documents will speak for themselves; I simply give the background on what was happening at the time, and how You (and others) broke the law. The documents tell no lies and state no opinion.
You were the author of some of them.
Everything I expose is going to be public record...like always.

People just needed to know where to go and look.
I'm People and looked; was even willing to let this go,
but now that can't happen.
Re: mick AKA ????
April 01, 2016 06:50PM

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