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Column Regarding Amendments on November Ballot

Posted by Ed Candela 
Column Regarding Amendments on November Ballot
September 04, 2012 02:37PM
All 11 amendments are a bad bet

Stephen Goldstein
September 2, 2012

Attention Florida voters: Just say "No" to all 11 constitutional amendments on the November ballot. And don't be fooled by their high-minded and compassionate-sounding, but intentionally deceptive, titles. They are not what they seem.

They are Trojan Horses, designed to fool you into voting against your best interests. They intensify the war on women, give greater power to the Legislature over the judiciary, gut government revenues, destroy the historic and fundamental separation between church and state, and create tension (and expensive, futile lawsuits) with the federal government.

In short, individually, they are pure examples of right-wing social engineering; collectively, they have the net effect of hurling Florida back into the 16th Century.

I begin with Amendment 8 because it's designed to really "put one over" on unsuspecting voters by using deceptive language to destroy our historic separation between church and state. Called the "Religious Freedom" Amendment, it is nothing of the sort. There are no cases of anyone being denied their religious freedom. It is only about allowing religious organizations to receive unlimited tax dollars for anything and everything from church services to schools. As it should do, currently, the Florida Constitution prohibits the direct or indirect use of tax dollars for religion. But Jeb Bush is pushing Amendment 8, as yet another part of his effort to take funds from public schools and give them to charters and private schools.

Amendments 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, and 11 are part of the tea party/GOP effort to destroy government services and the quality of life by reducing revenue. They sound like compassionate efforts (reducing property tax, limiting growth in state revenue, increasing a business tax exemption). But the majority in the Legislature is not a bunch of do-gooders. Their sinister agenda needs to be stopped.

Amendment 5 is a raw power grab by the Legislature over the courts. It adds the requirement that Supreme Court justices appointed by the governor need to be confirmed by the Senate. It also allows the Legislature to repeal a court rule by a simple majority instead of the two-thirds majority now required. In important cases, the Florida Supreme Court has been a check on the extremism of the Legislature. Amendment 5 should properly be titled the "Getting even with the Supreme Court." Allow it to pass, and you'll see an erosion of your constitutional rights faster than you can say, "Rick Scott's a disaster."

Amendment 6, part of the GOP War on Women and yet another attempt to ban all abortions, is a predictable piece of red meat dangled in front of ultra-conservative voters to bring them to the polls.

Amendment 12 is about which student should represent the State University System on its Board of Governors. Vote against it because it's an insult to our intelligence and priorities.

These 11 Amendments are part of disturbing trend in Florida to ensconce ultra-radical priorities near-permanently in the Florida Constitution. They are issues more properly left to legislation, if addressed at all. Prove to members of the Legislature that they can't fool you. Reject them all.

Contact Stephen L. Goldstein on Twitter@drslgoldstein or by email at trendsman@aol.com.

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OP: Regarding Amendment 4, a "Vote Yes for 4" sign is ensconced in front of a certain real estate office on Riverside Drive. Do you need to know any more than that?
Re: Column Regarding Amendments on November Ballot
September 12, 2012 10:25AM
"Show me who You go with and I'll tell You what YOU Are...", remember that one?

Short and sweet...this PHD is entitled to HIS Opinion as are You, along with Real Estate Office Owners located, well, wherever they chose to locate.

When Folks (including PHD's) throw around blanket statements, I get inquisitive:
Just say "No" to all 11 constitutional amendments on the November ballot. And don't be fooled by their high-minded and compassionate-sounding, but intentionally deceptive, titles. They are not what they seem.

Fair enough...then WHY does he proceed to START with Amendment 8 and NEVER, EVER, ANYWHERE IN THE COMMENTARY MENTION,
Amendment ONE(1)?

Because Amendment 1 is a hard sell for him to beat up on, it's a no brainer loser. IT'S an argument he can't win (all 2700 pages later, with now, over 10,000 pages worth of newly instituted regulations and 716 BILLION Dollars removed from Medicare later), I give You, Amendment 1:

(Ballot Summary)
"Proposing an amendment to the State Constitution to prohibit laws or rules from compelling any person or employer to purchase, obtain, or otherwise provide for health care coverage; permit a person or an employer to purchase lawful health care services directly from a health care provider; permit a health care provider to accept direct payment from a person or an employer for lawful health care services; exempt persons, employers, and health care providers from penalties and taxes for paying directly or accepting direct payment for lawful health care services; and prohibit laws or rules from abolishing the private market for health care coverage of any lawful health care service. Specifies that the amendment does not affect which health care services a health care provider is required to perform or provide; affect which health care services are permitted by law; prohibit care provided pursuant to general law relating to workers’ compensation; affect laws or rules in effect as of March 1, 2010; affect the terms or conditions of any health care system to the extent that those terms and conditions do not have the effect of punishing a person or an employer for paying directly for lawful health care services or a health care provider for accepting direct payment from a person or an employer for lawful health care services; or affect any general law passed by two-thirds vote of the membership of each house of the Legislature, passed after the effective date of the amendment, provided such law states with specificity the public necessity justifying the exceptions from the provisions of the amendment. The amendment expressly provides that it may not be construed to prohibit negotiated provisions in insurance contracts, network agreements, or other provider agreements contractually limiting copayments, coinsurance, deductibles, or other patient charges."

Proposes a constitutional amendment to prohibit laws from compelling any Floridian/employer to purchase, obtain or provide health care coverage. This would allow a person/employer to purchase services directly from a health care provider and allow a health care provider to accept direct payment for services if a patient chooses to pay out of pocket.

In 2010, the legislature referred a similar measure to the 2010 statewide ballot.

(Ballot Summary)
Proposing an amendment to Section 6 of Article VII and the creation of Section 32 of Article XII of the State Constitution to expand the availability of the property discount on the homesteads of veterans who became disabled as the result of a combat injury to include those who were not Florida residents when they entered the military and schedule the amendment to take effect January 1, 2013.
RECAP: Would allow for property tax discounts for disabled veterans.

Supporters of the proposed measure argue that the federal health care law is an abuse of federal power, in part due to the requirements that people buy health insurance.
Opponents of the proposal argue that a constitutional amendment may not ensure that citizens can opt out of the individual mandate set forth by the federal reform. They argue that the Supremacy Clause in the United States Constitution would override the state laws, making the proposed amendment a moot point.
However, the measure was removed from the ballot by court order on July 29, 2010. Leon County Circuit Judge James Shelfer said the measure was misleading and could confuse voters. On August 31 the Florida Supreme Court upheld previous lower court decisions to throw out Amendment 9. "The ballot language put forth … contains misleading and ambiguous language. Currently our only recourse is to strike the proposed constitutional amendment from the ballot," said the justices. The 2010 legislation was sponsored by Rep. Scott Plakon and Sen. Carey Baker.
According to reports in November 2010 the 2012 proposal does not include wording that was found questionable by judges in 2010. Specifically judges questioned the following statement (which is not included in the 2012 proposed text): "ensure access to health care services without waiting lists, protect the doctor/patient relationship,” and ”guard against mandates that don’t

(Note-It took a little research to FIND a copy of the ACTUAL Ballot Summary, rather than mere opinion and speculation on the part of multiple countys' and publications' OPINION about how "OMG, we're gonna get SUED by the FEDS if We PASS THIS!" and all of those links are also cited following)
(that's enough for You to get the flavor of the 'spin' being put on ultimate surrender of the 10th Amendment to the United States Consitution {<--And IF You aren't familiar with THAT Amendment closing out the BILL OF RIGHTS, I Highly Suggest You go LOOK IT UP YOUR SELF DEAR READER, without it we wouldn't HAVE a "United" States, I assure You).

"FREEDOM"...Our Hearts Pound when we Hear Mel Gibson Scream it as his last word uttered in "Braveheart" (a true story I might add); Our Hearts Swell when we watch another of his best works in "The Patriot".

That's what the Affordable Health Care Act's Death Panels DO. They also have 16,000 New (ARMED) IRS Agents (with over a BILLION Rounds of .40S&W Purchased) to ENFORCE that particular, of over (now) 10,000 NEW Regulations IN that "Affordable Health Care Act".

Like I said, Blanket statements (and government deciding whether I live or die, regardless the amount of money I have, the ability I have to select a qualified physician, have him/her make me whole, healed or just 'better') are WRONG.
Amendment 1 MUST be Approved*, because if not, we have become complacent, compliant SLAVES of the STATE, both of Florida AND the Federal Gov.Org.

Our Founding Fathers would roll over in their graves. While the EPA can govern whether we can exhale or not (CO2 emissions governed), and the Fed.Gov.Org already forcibly (at the point of a gun) taxes me, to give to YOU, in the form of an EBT Card (aka welfare and food stamp benefits), Unemploment benefits, Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security and other Federal Benefits far exceeding the (if any) "Contributions" that You made, things are pretty messed up. To deny me the RIGHT to Continue to Exist, to continue to fund the symbiotic relationship makes our federal government, and it's minions anxiously awaiting the fruits of my labors, IS the beginning of the END, rather it's the END OF THE END,
of Freedom.

It instead becomes a parasitic relationship where the gov.org has decided KILLING the HOST (Literally) makes them the most powerful.

As for "Law Suits"?
Would Yankeetown Still Exist if Not for more than a Few LAWSUITS?

VOTE YES for AMENDMENT 1 or seal the fate of slavery for Your grandchildren...
it really IS just That SIMPLE.

*PS: Since Developers and Legislators blessed and funded a constitutional amendment several elections back, they condemned most LEGITIMATE constitutional amendments to the trash heap. Unless YOU aren't already on the federal government dole, and YOU take friends of LIKE MIND (and financial wherewithal) to the POLLS, we're doomed. The only way this passes (like ALL Consitutional Amendments NOW), is by a 60% margin...
God Save Our Children, and THEIR CHILDREN. Obamacare is already (per OMB estimates) going to cost 3.7 TRILLION dollars (rather than .9 trillion) and that's still only covering 30% of the population. Do YOU want to pay for MY HEALTHCARE COSTS? WELL? Even MORE Importantly, do You want YOUR GRANDCHILDREN Paying that tab? If not,
Vote YES on 1.

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Re: Column Regarding Amendments on November Ballot
September 12, 2012 04:05PM
Whew, glad that was "short & sweet"spinning smiley sticking its tongue out

Rule # 1: If this Fla legislature does something, anything, some special interest gets big bennies and the self-serving members of said body gets big buckos in their pockets. Why would the most corrupt legislature in America pass something that would benefit average citizens? It would be the first time.

Rule # 2: There are no other rules.

How many millions of our tax dollars have already been spent trying to defend the garbage they passed?

End of story.

Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 09/12/2012 04:09PM by Ed Candela.
Re: Column Regarding Amendments on November Ballot
September 13, 2012 09:15AM
With all due respect (I Didn't Write the Amendment, Ballot Summary, Pros & Cons to same, etc....I merely cut and pasted them so that every reader can do their own research/reading PRIOR standing with a ballot in their hand [and that's just ONE of these ELEVEN Amendments] ),

These ARE Constitutional Amendments.
Ergo, the
Legislative Branch has NO Power to enact them (the Amendments) WITHOUT OUR CONSENT.
It May well be the Most Corrupt Gov.Org in all of the USA (on which point we agree btw), however,
IF my companies are mandated to provide health insurance, I will shut them down.
We will ALL pay more, yes, even at 'Wally World" for Every Thing and the true cost of 'Free' Health Care will ultimately lead us to the financial stability of Greece and Spain, 10x faster than it took them (mostly because we START the process $16,030,000,000,000.00 further down the road to financial ruin than they did. California wanted to be utopian, they are. Bankrupt, but utopian. Ask the fire fighters, police officers and mayors how it feels to work for minimum wage (because the municipalities can't even afford that much right now)? Meanwhile illegal aliens get free school, health care, food stamps, EBT Cards (with which You can buy ANY THING, including "medical marijuana" and Automobiles!) and a HOST of OTHER "Benefits"...the system is BROKEN and in melt down mode.

ANY SINGULAR THING (starting with securing our borders, demanding respect for our flag, our pledge, our country, and our WEALTH, what's left of it anyway, including but not limited to denial of Outright Government TakeOver of our entire Medical/Health Insurance/Health Care Delivery and Systems Industry...is a baby step in the right direction in my opinion.

If You've been to a big city recently and had to wait in line at the post office while 3 of 4 of the counter helpers go on break, You're going to love government run health care. Where ARE the folks who have to WAIT everywhere ELSE in the world, going to GO, when they have to WAIT even LONGER, HERE?

We can Say NO to this bureaucratic nightmare complete with DEATH PANELS.
We SHOULD say NO while we still can.

Like I said formerly, it probably won't matter anyway, because now even something DECENT and in the Best Interest of the PEOPLE has to pass by more than 60%. Since more than 50% of the population relies on federal subsistance in one form or another, I'm guessing it's toast.
(PS: Politicians are going to get RICH....it's what they DO, Ed. Whether Republicrat or Demican, it's going to happen. THe only difference is when Repubs do it, You actually HEAR about it in the news...they're all crooks. ANY Singular Thing we could/can do to preserve a free market capitalist society while VOTING, we should. Government will destroy the industry that my entire family is employed in...saving and improving the quality of LIFE....Yours', mine', OURS.)
Re: Column Regarding Amendments on November Ballot
September 19, 2012 05:28PM
Glad to see you are still in the area
After reading about your home forclosed on
I would have thought you moved along
cant keep an old researcher down
keep up the good work we need you to tell us what we think
Re: Column Regarding Amendments on November Ballot
March 13, 2013 12:26PM
I waited patiently for a long time (9[nine] MONTHS to be exact) to respond to this posting (and yes, friends called and emailed to notify, the night You posted same), because responses seem to be what You live for.
Don't worry about me and Marge, we'll get along just fine.
Concern Yourself with the WRONGS you've committed.

You were WRONG when You came before the Inglis Planning Commission after a recommendation from Bill Sinopoli proffering the Brown Property on S.Inglis Ave. for a City Park (who do You suppose suggested that Idea to HIM after I determined that there was no one else capable of cleaning the toxic soil there, having contemplated and investigated acquisition of same in '06?) when I sat on that Planning Commission (in '08)?

You were WRONG (as a Town Commissioner no less) to LIE to the balance of Your Commission and Mayor representing that an UNRECORDED Plat on that property had in fact been recorded.

THEN You were WRONG, returning before the Planning Commission again, seeking our support to REZONE that property so that the corrupt Brown could build his houses on unacceptably small lots in a flood plain, while facilitating federal income tax fraud simultaneously (oh yes, I stil have the emails AND letters back and forth between attorneys, agents, YOU, and more...

You were WRONG when You attempted to extort me off of the Planning Commission,

You were WRONG when You bought a prohibited person's firearm and ammunition and then turned around 'giving them' to Chief Dixon & the IPD (and he was WRONG for helping/facilitating that transaction).

You were WRONG for turning further wrath on me when I began to expose all the above,

You were WRONG for aiding and abetting in the conspiracy to falsely arrest me (to silence me),

You were WRONG when condemning the formation of CCOI, PAC, NPA (which I had very little to do with)

You were WRONG when stating that 'I probably cost 'our side' (whoever that is?) more than 40 VOTES?

You were WRONG when thinking (stating and WRITING) that Bill & Arlene Monteverde, Andy & Kathleen Eiland, Greg Kirland, Glenda Kirkland, Sally Price, Bill and Rhonda Kline, Ron and Jackie Cooper, Bob and Karen Goode, and a list far too long for me to name here(many of which You will NEVER Know now, and for their sakes it's BEST that Way) had ANYTHING Other THAN the BEST Interests FOR INGLIS in our heart of hearts.

and finally You were WRONG when thinking that the Tiger which You grabbed directly by the tail in 2008 EVER Stopped thinking about the DAY (make that the MOMENT) your hold on his tail grew weak enough for him to slip away, would do anything But take a mortal swipe at Your Ever infallable EGO.

YOU (and some corrupt cops) are directly responsible for our relocation, no one else. What's done is done, however the record has been set straight,
(the wonderful thing about slander and defamation suits, Bill, is that being RIGHT, honest, and HAVING the proof is the ultimate defense. As Eddie Oesterle used to say, and a bumper sticker is going back on my vehicles pronouncing..."SO SUE ME!"

Now the record's set straight. Those with alcohol impairment seem to have memories of convenience; that's the wonderful thing about VIDEO and AUDIO Tapes...they NEVER forget.

Long Live Yankeetown and Now Inglis TOO!smileys with beer


Who You are speaks so loudly, I can't hear what You're saying?
Who hears me, who understands me, becomes mine, a possession for all time.
-Ralph Waldo Emerson
Re: Column Regarding Amendments on November Ballot
March 15, 2013 02:12PM
Concede long live Inglis
Well see
I will wait as you have to see if the new town govt works
Re: Column Regarding Amendments on November Ballot
July 08, 2013 03:22PM
MICK as you call yourself

Can we discuss wrong
You were wrong in not paying your mortage no one made you leave except yourself, any self respecting person would have paid their legal obligations

Your house has been sold today at public auction

Edited 3 time(s). Last edit at 07/09/2013 01:52AM by billlake.
Re: Column Regarding Amendments on November Ballot
January 06, 2016 03:33PM
Mayor Lake,
It's a shame when People Assume.
It makes an ASS of both YOU and me.

To ASSUME that Wells Fargo lost money in a fraudulent foreclosure is well, assumptive.
To Assume that someone who COULD make their mortgage payment, didn't, well, that's assumptive too.
To Assume anyone is on 'medication' is faulty judgment.
To Assume a person You knew for the better part of a decade to be an accurate individual who was meticulous in record keeping, and knew of Your criminal behavior, would simply go 'away' after all the antagonism is indeed faulty reasoning.
Our house was stolen, and You were only a partial cause to that series of events, however that fight isn't over just yet either.
Never assume You know all sides of a story, especially when attempting to defame someone You formerly praised as one of the most accurate persons when reciting facts that You knew at the time.
YOU ASKED me to get involved in Inglis Politics, in 2007.
I told You that You should be careful what You ask for.

I, like the truth have no timetable.
You assumed.
I won't let You make an ass of me, which only leaves one party left for the readers to consider.
Never Assume.
Re: Column Regarding Amendments on November Ballot
April 01, 2016 06:48PM

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