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Voting on Tuesday May 8th in Yankeetown

Posted by Sunrise Gracie 
Voting on Tuesday May 8th in Yankeetown
April 28, 2012 09:30PM
Please explain to those of us registered voters what we are voting on, and why it is important for everyone to vote? And what does each issue mean when you vote one way or another, for Yankeetown?

Thank you,
Re: Voting on Tuesday May 8th in Yankeetown
May 06, 2012 06:33PM
I was hoping someone from the P&Z would respond with some rationale, Gracie. Or Doug, with his usual intelligent, clear and well-written thoughts.

Looks like either ain’t gonna happen, so here’s a feeble and uninformed attempt:

You are voting on changes resulting (I think) from a state-mandated Evaluation and Appraisal Report (EAR). Unfortunately, the voting required is an unintended consequence from our "Hometown Democracy" charter amendments approved in 2007. These relatively modest comp plan changes are being put to the voters since our first attempt at the Charter amendments could have been worded MUCH better, as such was the case for the soundly whupped Amendment 4. But alas, the @#$%& in Tallahasse have now removed the ability for us to give it another shot (as well as having removed the ability of the entire state’s local governments to allow citizens to vote on land use changes). Thus we are stuck with voting on these mostly innocuous modifications. Hopefully, with the demise of DCA, there won’t be many more of these ballots in the future. Finally, I recommend ignoring the mailing from “Concerned Citizens,” merely another misleading, malicious rant from likely the NoSeeUm News crowd. As usual, they’re afraid to identify themselves.

Why is it important to vote? There possibly could be lots of voting by those trying to discredit anything the town does. Many of the changes remove deadlines for town action on various "promises." I believe the removing of deadlines for town actions is a good thing.

Here we go:

Ballot Question 1. Straightforward.
Yes: You want the town to acquire more land for conservation thru grants, and to help pay for acquisition and maintenance.
No: You don’t.

2. It seems to have 2 subjects, so your vote affects both.
Yes: You want the town to eliminate substandard housing (never mind how or if the town even has the power to do so) and to use unspecified planning tools to help poor folks acquire housing. It also removes deadlines for some town action (a good thing).
No: You don’t like any of it.

3. Another one with multiple subjects. It doesn’t say why, but apparently there’s a benefit for having more detailed stormwater definition and to remove deadlines for town action regarding this issue (a very good idea), Finally, it authorizes a fee for you to chip in for improvements and maintenance (but the fee may already be in the comp plan, since that section appears to have no additions/changes except to remove a deadline for action).
Yes: You think stormwater drainage is a worthy and actually addressable issue that needs further clarification with the attendant time requirements and expense.
No: You don’t. (editorial: ‘no’ is my vote, you can’t do anything about the primary cause of flooding, tidal surge, and the rest ain’t worth the cost IMO)

4. Yankeetown to cooperate/coordinate with the county regarding solid waste.
Yes: why not, if you want to volunteer.
No: the town has it’s own solid waste disposal (I think) and is busy enough already.

5. Yow, it seems like a whole bunch of stuff, but is not much actual change to the comp plan.
Yes: You like the tweaks, especially eliminating deadline for town action.
No: You don’t.

6. Ditto number 5.

7. This appears only to modify deadlines for town action
Yes: Yup (my vote)
No: The town is not in compliance.

8. Appears to be innocuous.
Yes: Yup (my vote)
No: Can’t say

9. Appears to be innocuous.
Yes: Yup (my vote)
No: Can’t say

To More Informed People: PLEASE correct any misinformation presented above.
Re: Voting on Tuesday May 8th in Yankeetown
May 09, 2012 09:30PM
So What Was the Turnout and how did the voting go?
Re: Voting on Tuesday May 8th in Yankeetown
May 10, 2012 01:23AM
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