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Crazy Mine Rumor

Posted by Ed Candela 
Crazy Mine Rumor
February 02, 2012 07:14PM
The rumor buzz is that Tarmac is moving the drag line out and the security personnel are to be let go.

Anyone have any substantiated info or has the tooth fairy played a trick?
Re: Crazy Mine Rumor
April 15, 2012 08:50AM
heard similar scuttlebutt....
Local mine is under consideration....?

What a concept!
Disinformation, (or maybe not) about a big company that rarely makes poor investments, from Greece (& Lord Knows EVERYTHING'S Just PEACHY over there, right?) realizing they may well be throwing money down a 'rat hole' because from the outset (or shortly thereafter) they discovered that the hole didn't have what they needed (ROAD Quality Aggregate), but either way, at least now we know where we (the red headed step children of Levy) all stand w/both our BOCC and Planning Commission.

It's sad that nearly none of them (PC or BOCC) feel the need to recuse themselves when voting, after life long careers either in MINING, or making profits off local mining operations? Silly me, that can't be a conflict, can it?

Me thinks the disinformation gig, so that the currently pursued additional 'hole' can move forward...
regardless the current economic standing of Greece overall, or here, now...when talking about 100 year long permits, that's 1heluva lot of PROFIT to walk away from; suspending operations is nothing more than just that, for now.
Ed, the tooth fairy is only for those less than eight (not 68 smoking smiley )
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