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Posted by Sunrise Gracie 
January 01, 2012 08:32AM
Good Morning to you on this first day of 2012. I'm hoping it's going to be a better year. 2011 certainly had it's twists and turns, but on the last night of 2011 I got to visit old friends I hadn't seen in a long time and get re-acquainted with them, met new friends which is always fun, and brought the new year in with best friends and made it home safely and got up this morning ready to go to work all over again.

Did you make resolutions (besides losing weight and eating healthier) that were realistic, and hopefully will make a difference in your new year? I know I did, and I'm going to try to stick to them. Frank and I are closing down the restaurnt for a short period of time, re-adjusting, making changes that when we re-open will be good ones or rather profitable ones, so today will be the last day open for the Sunrise Outpost. We're not leaving town, I'm just going to work in Leesburg a few more days and hours the same as I have for the past 38 years, but I plan on getting in some more Kayak Time and Bicycling Time and more Fishing with Frank and Friends. That's one of my resolutions, make time for the good things in life, the simple things that you really enjoy, because life is just too short to miss out on, or it might be. Life is really a Gift that when you wake up each morning, it's given to you. Don't take it for granted, appreciate it, and make some joy of it. Let go of the bitter pills from 2011, you don't have to forgive, and "no" you won't forget, just put them in a box, tape it up, and put it in the basement with other useless clutter. Make the best of your lives, go with what's good for you and yours. It's what I wish for everyone.

Happy New Year "2012"
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