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Posted by Clint 
November 09, 2010 11:52AM
Sent: Mon, Nov 08, 2010 | Hey FilmFans- Heartfelt apologies! I could not be any later w/ this unless I sent it out after the movie... As many of you know we had a full, rich family week, last week, having arrived back in Yankeetown 4 days before. A wonderful week but- I ignored certain things.

Tomorrow, in the AF Knotts screening room- "Vera Drake"(2004)- 125 min
Looking back at my notes, I wanted to show this last year as the opening movie, but couldn't find my copy. Was going to suggest "Charlotte Gray" as this years- must have left it in NH- life in two locations!!! So, have come up w/ another copy of "Vera Drake" so this is the offering. JB and I both thought it an extremely good movie.
Set in 1950's England, Vera Drake is a devoted family caregiver, a housekeeper. She also has another job...one not known by family or friends.
The lights dim at 8:00 when the Library closes.

Next up, on Tuesday, November 23- put on your strutting shoes for "Saturday Night Fever".

***Julie and Bob Currier are back as Yankeetown's newest residents- come early to get the update.

Hoping to see you tomorrow in spite of this late posting- Corbe

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