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upcoming Yankeetown Election - 22-Feb 2011

Posted by Doug_Dame2 
upcoming Yankeetown Election - 22-Feb 2011
November 07, 2010 09:27PM
FYI, I will not be running for re-election in the next cycle.

(The main reason is that the combination of a fulltime job in Gainesville, serving the Town, and various other activities, my life perpetually feels like the plate-spinner guy periodically featured on the old Ed Sullivan Show ... frantic and always just a moment away of distraction away from a breakdown when many spinning plates could fall and be broken. I think that I brought some useful skills and attitudes to the Town Council, but by the same token, there's some things that would probably have been done better by someone who had more time to devote to those specific tasks. And of course, a certain amount of change injected into any governing board is a good thing, as new ideas and people challenge the complacency and stagnation that can set in after a number of years of the same-ol'-same-ol'.)

Some of you may know that I was exceptionally disgusted with the way Ginny Brown-Waite delayed announcing until the very last moment that she would not be re-running for her Congressional seat .... thus denying everyone except her hand-picked successor, Sheriff Nugent, from having a fair chance to consider entering the race in a year without an incumbent to face.

I have very different view of what Democracy is supposed to be all about. So here's fair notice to everyone, there's going to be an open seat available on the Yankeetown Council soon.

If you have the interest and time, now is the time to consider stepping forward to serve. The qualification period for signing up as an official candidate will be in mid-January.

I've enjoyed my time in office, and hope that by & large you think I've done the job you expected and deserved.

Re: upcoming Yankeetown Election - 22-Feb 2011
November 08, 2010 12:12AM
Thanks, Doug, for your efforts.


Re: upcoming Yankeetown Election - 22-Feb 2011
November 08, 2010 11:38AM
Awesome Job Mr. Dame,
AweSome JOB.

Wishing You could be persuaded to reconsider (but knowing better),
Thank YOU for all You've done in the most turbulent and calmer times (& priceless assistance in making them calmer).
smileys with beer
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Re: upcoming Yankeetown Election - 22-Feb 2011
November 08, 2010 01:21PM
Hi Doug, it's Gracie (at work in Leesburg)

You and Sondra have always done a terrific job, both professional and personal. Thank you both so much for being one of the great assets in the Yankeetown Government, both with open ears and open minds.
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