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Posted by Ed Candela 
October 16, 2010 09:04PM
I know our friends and most readers of this website are more red than ripe tomatoes in normal political thought. But we submit there's always an exception, and Rick Scott is the perfect storm, especially when it comes to helping to bring on the bulldozers.

A new publication in Florida, the Florida Independent (http://floridaindependent.com) is refreshing, nonprofit and environmentally conscious. Here's a recent article which gets us back to the topic of this thread:

Future of the Department of Community Affairs may hinge on governor’s race outcome
By TRAVIS PILLOW 10/12/10 8:44 AM

More doubt has been cast on the future of the Department of Community Affairs, the agency that guides growth in Florida. Comments made by Republican gubernatorial candidate Rick Scott suggested its future may hinge on the outcome of this year’s governor’s race. According to the St. Petersburg Times:

Rick Scott promises as governor to loosen regulation of business and he would start by putting a bull’s-eye on the state agency loathed by many developers.

It’s the Florida Department of Community Affairs, which reviews development projects with a staff of about 220 and a budget of $280 million.

One of the department’s main functions is to review local governments’ growth plans, a level of oversight that has long drawn scorn from developers and their political allies.

An environmental policy paper released last week by Alex Sink, Scott’s Democratic opponent, did not mention the department by name, but it did say that Sink “recognizes the importance of having a state agency that not only helps guide growth, but works with our communities to help them realize a coordinated, positive vision for the future and provides state oversight.”

The Times adds:

“I think it would be disastrous for the state if DCA were abolished,” says [DCA Secretary Thomas] Pelham, who has been closely involved in growth issues for four decades. “Most growth management issues today affect more than one local government.”

Pelham said that whenever economic times are bad in Florida, “the tendency is to point the finger at whatever planning or regulatory system exists,” even though that same system exists when times are good.

Many in the Florida legislature, which did not reauthorize funding for the department when it came up for renewal during this year’s session, do not share that view, including incoming House Speaker Dean Cannon and Rep. Chris Dorworth, R-Heathrow, who told the Orlando Sentinel editorial board that he favors folding the department into the Florida Department of State.

Supporters of Amendment 4, which would give voters a say on local land-use changes, released a statement last week saying that the threat to the agency — and loss of oversight that would entail — is one reason to vote for their initiative:

The only hope that Floridians have for responsible, healthy growth in our state is to adopt Amendment 4 and have the ultimate say on development in their community. If we leave growth management to Rick Scott and Dean Cannon, we truly will see Florida paved from East Coast to West Coast.
Poster: DCA is an agency worth fighting for. Ms. Sink could provide the most important veto in Florida's and Yankeetown's history. Remember Crist failing to veto SB 360?
October 19, 2010 10:03PM
From the Florida times Union:

Rick Scott, the Republican nominee for Florida governor, says he’d like to do away with the DCA, arguing that the agency gets in the way of responsible government and is ultimately harmful to economic growth.
angry smiley
October 20, 2010 02:47AM
Mr. Scott,
for all his vices, recieved an "A" from the NRA.
Ms. Sink recieved an "F".

Where You stand on 2nd Amendment (Individual Freedom) RIGHTS is THE Single issue
more people vote on than You'll ever know, Ed.

You may think it sad, I know it to be true.
Frankly, I don't like the thought of voting for either;
but when it comes to my extended familys' and the states' gun owners as a whole and those who seek the opportunity "some day";
the decision is already made. Folks in Homestead after Andrew & New Orleans after Katrina (along w/3 whole states) will tell You how critical the
RIGHT to self (and family/neighborhood) defense actually IS, Ed. Looters don't want to die, helping themselves to Your 'stuff'.
The National Guard, regular military and police will be slow to respond (if at all).
Pointing out only the obvious, to the folks that take 'freedom' for granted, because many refuse to take it for granted and vote as a block that will astound.
This year is going to lead to record turn out for an off year election.

Hopefully we'll get Amendment 4 passed; hopefully Mr. Scott will reconsider once he's noticed that
Florida is the home of "home town corruption" (regarding developers & development) that no other state can rival;

Me thinks she messed up w/those pension funds just a little too much,
refused to accept responsibility for losses (people forgive, often, IF you're mature enough to Admit mistakes).
It's a bad year to be a democrat; a worse year to be an incumbent; and worst of all if both AND You screwed up while on duty.
& then again, I might be wrong, the tea leaves won't read clearly until about 9:45 lcl, 11/2/10.
October 20, 2010 11:02AM
Methinks you should not pontificate on "THE Single issue more people vote on than..." as if.somehow you have spoken to millions of Floridians.

Methinks maybe some folks base their decision on personal character, the asset with which Mr. Scott is completely void of.

Methinks we need some balance against the rapacious real estate moguls who disguise themselves as "representatives," instead of what they really are: gigantic money-sucking machines.
October 20, 2010 02:16PM
Don't shoot the mssenger;
The NRA has 500,000+ Membership in FLORIDA Alone. For every member, there are 4-10 that they have influence with.

I didn't "Give" Rick Scott (or Debbie Boyd or a hundred others across the state) an "A";
The NRA Did.
I didn't Give Ms. Sink an "F"; They Did.

They have Marion Hammer (yes, that's her Real Name) Past National President of the NRA and current president of USF (Unified Sportmen of Florida) advertising for Debbie Boyd (DEMOCRAT), round the clock; Ms. Hammer's also put together spots (I'm sure) for all their selected Pro-Gun-Rights Candidates across the state; happens every (statewide) election. While You may be averse to firearms ownership, it's a VERY
Touchy subject, and those opposed (or of 'like mind' if You will) don't usually fare well in this state, repub, dem. or ind.
It's a "bellweather" issue, which represents whether the particular candidate supports either:
A-The Rights & Freedoms of THE People, or
B-believes in further big(ger) gov.org and further intrusion in to peoples' personal lives and further infringement (& possible removal) of their God Given Rights (as IN ALL of our individual Rights).

Folks don't play when it comes to their guns (just like their money and their God) in Florida...most of it anyway.
Alex lost a million votes when she completed (or didn't complete) that survey they send out.
& the NRA will make sure of it. The only picture I've seen of Mr. Scott "holding" a firearm was obviously taken at a gun show or shop, he's looking down the sights of a hunting shotgun (with extensive inventory of additional long guns right behind him); ergo, hardly the classic field hunt, or gun range pics. The point is that he completed the survey, and they liked his answers.
IF he doesn't hold true to those answers, they (the NRA & their membership) have NO historical (or financial) problem spending MILLIONS MORE to be the demise of his next election. Lies to the NRA are unforgiven, for-ever. I've seen them destroy candidates after they pulled the old 'swich-er-roo' formerly. I think Ms. Sink made her own bed.
Don't shoot the messenger, write a letter to the NRA instead, if so inclined.
(& Ed, the facts speak for themselves when it comes to the organization; party affiliation (or lack of same) means NOTHING to them.
How YOU stand on an Individual Freedom, under assault, is everything.

A bumper sticker my former store sold about 25,000 of over the 15 yrs we were in business regards the entire Bill of Rights; it reads:
"IF they get the Second, they'll TAKE all TEN".

Freedom Loving Floridians have that burned in their subconcious.
Don't shoot the messenger; argue (with facts) the message.


PS: I Absolutely DESPISE Alan Boyd (no relation to Debbie Boyd) & he sits on the US House Appropriations Committee. He admitted to me, in 2003 that he NEVER, EVER Read appropriations bills before signing them (and couldn't believe What I was saying was TRUE Until I FAXED HIM A COPY OF the PAGES he'd NEVER READ, for an 800 page financial appropriation bill...then he said, "well, I'm real sorry Mick, but if I changed my position on this issue, the PARTY would have my head". (me) "Alan, we've known each other a Long Time...what about doing what's RIGHT?"
He replied: "Mick, that's simply out of the question, my hands are tied". (in a big fat pigs muddy EYE they are!).
Ed, punch line of this story is that the NRA endorsed Mr. Boyd too, while only looking at his voting record on the individual right, directly; NOT having examined his votes on appropriations (which are critical, for without funding, those votes out in the limelight mean zilch).
I have my own issues w/the NRA (as a life member since birth). Don't shoot the messenger; do like me and give them some facts to change their minds. Without some research, You have nothing to support your claims. No one can argue against the individual freedom to keep and bear arms, successfully. There are no facts to support the assertions, just lots of pent up emotions which invariably are exposed. (Some) people are afraid of Guns (& fear is an emotion). I'm afraid of the folks who're afraid of inanimate objects that don't do ANY THING all by themselves.

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October 20, 2010 02:40PM
Mick, just so you know, the 2nd Amendment has nothing to do with self-defense. Separate issues, both off-topic in this thread.


October 20, 2010 03:11PM
Thanks, Steve. Mr. Peters is up to his old tricks, stealing virtually every thread, but I gotta respond this time.

Maybe or maybe not Sink got an 'F; from the NRA, the only evidence I found on this issue (other than reporters simply saying so and we all know how well they check their facts NOT) was a op-ed in the Times by Douglas V. Giacobbe of Ormond Beach:

Sink doesn't deserve NRA's 'F'

Let me qualify this by saying I have been a member of the National Rifle Association for 27 years. I have read their ratings of candidates in the past, and trusted their judgment.

I don't trust them anymore.

I received a letter from the NRA's Institute of Legislative Action. It praised Rick Scott for supporting the Second Amendment and the right to bear arms, giving him an A rating. Coincidently, they gave his opponent, whose name was never mentioned in the letter (Alex Sink), an F rating. I found this strange, as I have done extensive research on both candidates to see where they stand on gun control, and could find no instances of either being antigun or anti-Second Amendment.

I called our local NRA representative in Volusia County, who could not give me any instance where Sink did anything antigun or anti-Second Amendment. I called the NRA's Institute of Legislative Action at their headquarters in Virginia, and again, the representative there could not provide me with a single shred of evidence that showed Sink as being antigun or anti-Second Amendment. The representative stated that the rating came because Sink did not return a survey that the NRA sends to all candidates. That is the only reason.

There is no evidence of her ever doing or saying anything that could be construed as anti-gun or anti-Second Amendment that the NRA could provide me.

Research the candidates and vote your mind, not just your party.
Mr. Peters' post reminded me of the hysteria that led to a run on guns and ammo when Obama got elected. And the hysterical lies put forth by the NO on 4 folks in fear of their gravy train being impeded a little bit.

Mr. Peters, if you've got actual evidence in Ms. Sink's own words that the writer is wrong, go ahead and post it. Otherwise, well, you know, back on track please.

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October 20, 2010 09:07PM
"A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.".
The SCOTUS has determined the intent of the Founding Fathers to have been an INDIVIDUAL (as in the militia IS the PEOPLE).
The Security of a free state...is ALL of the People that reside or happen to be, In That State. The state is defined as from the state's borders down to and including Your Home. Self defense is a HUMAN Right (so also formerly established the SCOTUS).
Off topic, yes; (well sort of, we were discussing the issue of Ms. Sink for Governor).

Ed, it's not hysteria, it's facts.
IF I turn in my work due for an assignment for school, Late, I expect to be penalized.
IF I DON'T TURN in that Work (survey/assignment/take home test/whatever) at ALL, I'm an adult, I expect to recieve that EARNED "Zero".
Zero ='s an "F" (in every school any of us reading this have attended, including Ms. Sink, at Wake Forest, before I met her at "Nationsbank" ) .

I referenced the 'survey' they ((the NRA) send out, in the original posting.
Folks classicly either "don't want to disassociate themselves from their base, or are afraid of 'crossing' the NRA;
so they 'opt out' of completing the survey.
Nuff said(as in, indecision, in and of itself, IS a decision).
Unfortunately (going back about 100 years now) w/the NRAPVF {which was ALSO noted via link in that 2nd posting} NOT Taking a Position, IS Indeed TAKING A POSITION in their eyes And has earned 10's of thousands of politically aspiring hopefuls their "F" formerly.
(FYI, all reading this, if You click on that former link, You can Learn, w/the NRA, You get to start with an automatic "D", JUST FOR Completing and returning the Survey! The ONLY FOLKS Who Get an "F" are the folks who ignored it. They care about Your answers.
Like any professor or teacher, they also care (even More) about Your willingness to PARTICIPATE.

Alex acted on some really poor political advice, months ago.
Poor Decision Making Skills...seems She & Ryan Bell have something more in common besides Your support.
Saw this coming over a month ago (in both their cases).
A month ago tonight, I got my own "smokey enema" Ed.
"Trust no one" is a gr8 policy this year during the silly season.
Firing Incumbents ranks just below not replacing them with more incompetent than existing.

That said, HCA's still making money;
The Florida Employees Pension Funds can't make that claim (& my wife IS 1 of those contributors who Lost a BoatLoad under Alex's 'supervision', Ed. Sure our 401k's got creamed, just not even close to the catastrophic drop on that state fund).

Remember I said folks don't take well to You messing with their Guns, Their Money or their God?
2 strikes for Alex in this house, so far.

Did Scotts' company rip off the tax payers?
Did BP?
Did Fannie?/Freddie?/BoA?/Citi?/Chase?/.Wells Fargo?/Goldman Sachs?
All of the latter 1's for 100's of Billions More than the former?
Do all the latter make the former acceptable? Not hardly; just putting a little perspective in this equation.

Did ALEX Lose OUR Money?
Ed, in this house, yes.
& she Lost that $$$ as CFO. In the real world we FIRE CFO's for that (regardless of acceptance of responsibility, or not).

(& Ed, I apologize about the former 'hot air' comment, it was edited out of the former posting because it was inappropriate).
How's that for "back on track"?

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October 20, 2010 09:50PM
Well, well, no actual evidence, no actual statements by Ms. Sink, just hyperbole without facts. No, not back on track. You would probably still vote for Jim Norman if he liked guns.

So, back to Ms. Sink, at least she hasn't taken the 5th amendment a bunch of times.

Per the Chronicle:
"For her part, Sink continued to challenge Scott’s history as chief executive officer at Columbia/HCA, which paid $1.7 billion in fines and settlements to resolve federal charges of Medicare and Medicaid fraud three years after he left the company. Also revived in the debate: Scott having invoked his Fifth Amendment right not to incriminate himself 75 times in a lawsuit involving the company 10 years ago, and refusing to release a deposition involving another firm he founded, health clinic company Solantic, taken just six days before he entered the governor’s race."

Per the Times:
But the Republican candidate for governor demonstrated Wednesday night that he remains unwilling or unable to go beyond the shallow answers about his controversial business background. Scott continued to dodge questions about his past in the first debate televised statewide, raising further concerns about how transparent and candid he would be as governor of the Sunshine State.
Scott's predilection to avoid questions reaches back to at least 1995, when he gave the first of three sworn depositions in lawsuits against Columbia/HCA. The depositions show Scott to be maddeningly evasive as a witness. He repeatedly claims he doesn't remember events — including letters he signed or whether his quotes in multiple newspaper accounts were accurate. He quibbles over the definition of words, including whether Columbia/HCA — which Scott built into the nation's largest for-profit hospital company — was actually a "hospital chain."
YT voters should remember the thousands of hours and dollars put into our now excellent comp plan. There is a very good chance if Scott is elected that all that effort and cost and perhaps the town itself will go down the drain along with the comp plan as he will attack to dismember or even get rid of the Growth Management Act.

Edited 3 time(s). Last edit at 10/21/2010 02:41PM by Ed Candela.
October 21, 2010 02:45PM
"Well, well, no actual evidence, no actual statements by Ms. Sink, just hyperbole without facts. No, not back on track. You would probably still vote for Jim Norman if he liked guns."

Ed, You need to READ the rest of the story. NO WHERE in Candidate Financial Disclosures (which You should be familiar with) does it require a candidate to reveal (Co)ownership of a HOME IN ARKANSAS? 2 Boats, both Registered and Maintained in Another State? And this was all done AFTER THE PRIMARY Election where he prevailed, so the 'chosen' Democrat now runs unopposed?
I don't know enough about Mr. Norman's Politics to speculate as to whether I would have voted for him or not (IF I Were in his district and am not, so it's moot), however he got railroaded. I believe, Like Andy Andrews (who can 'vote' where his heart leads him), Candidates registered to vote in 2 States Simultaneously (being ruled legitimate candidates), Emergency Ordinances (being upheld w/o a legitimate 'emergency') to sustain early elections to prevent Charter Amendments from being on that ballot, ALL Being upheld in our (most local) Courts of Law, the 1st DCA is going to have a world of "elections" issues to be deciding, long after the election. The point is that the Courts make WRONG Decisions all the time. IF You simply READ the linked article above, You'll find out that Mr. Norman in fact violated no law. Speaking of which, did YOU include any extended ownership of ANYTHING outside Florida (which has zero basis of 'influence', imho) on YOUR Financial Disclosure Forms when seeking political office? Would (that/those properties/assets) be something You WOULD THINK 'relevant' in Your Florida Campaign for Public Office? Don't buy the hype; do more research.

Ed, it's not about "liking guns". It's about CANDIDATES that Openly Support INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS.
We really need to (all of us) brush up on the 5th Amendment:

"No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury, except in cases arising in the land or naval forces, or in the Militia, when in actual service in time of War or public danger; nor shall any person be subject for the same offense to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb; nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation."

The Fifth Amendment (Amendment V) to the United States Constitution, which is part of the Bill of Rights, protects against abuse of government authority in a legal procedure. Its guarantees stem from English common law which traces back to the Magna Carta in 1215. For instance, grand juries and the phrase "due process" both trace their origin to the Magna Carta. (-Wikipedia, Emphasis mine)

Like Miranda, We have a RIGHT (and any Attorney worth his salt will tell You to EXERCISE IT, Every time, until He {or She} is Present to Protect Your interests) to REMAIN Silent when questioned by the government. "painting or presumption of GUILT" is a GOVERNMENT and MEDIA TOOL, because folks refuse to willingly be led to incarceration, for that which they may have had no involvement. EG: Was Martha Stewart found guilty of insider trading? Nope; rather misleading investigators. Would she have been found Guilty of that charge IF she'd exercised her 5th Amendment right? Nope.

Mr. Scott's HCA was fined $1.7 Billion. Fannie has rec'd 187 BILLION in Bailout Money (so far), $168 BILLION to Freddie (w/no finding of the bottom for that hole yet), 47 BILLION to Government Motors (GM) & Chrysler, 1 TRILLION to "health care Reform", and 3.7 BILLION Lost via Ms. Sink's "(mis)Management" of the Florida Employee Pension Funds, as Florida CFO? Which of these acts, (either Directly Attributable to Mr. Scott or Not) hurt Florida Tax Payers, and Florida Retirees and members of that Florida Pension Fund...the most?

Was BoA Fined record amounts for preying on seniors (& their investment accounts) while Alex Sink was PRESIDENT of that bank, IN FLORIDA before running for Florida CFO? Did she authorize "no bid contracts" to her former employer company AS Florida CFO?
Ed, we can look at the POTENTIAL things that 'can' (possibly) happen if a candidate gets elected,
AND we can look to the historical evidence of another candidate's TRACK RECORD AS an Elected Official.
To "hypothicate" vs. Substantiated facts is a losing proposition.
I still agree with "none of the above" but that really isn't an option, now is it?

"Speculation" as to what would happen to Every Town's (along with YT's) Comprehensive Plan, IF 1 candidate prevailed over another Should be required to have an "*" followed by *I have nothing to substantiate this, it's just my personal belief*
October 21, 2010 06:09PM
*I have nothing to substantiate this, it's just my personal belief" Huh?
Rick Scott takes aim at DCA, the state's growth management agency

By Steve Bousquet, Times/Herald Tallahassee Bureau
In Print: Friday, October 8, 2010

TALLAHASSEE — Rick Scott promises as governor to loosen regulation of business and he would start by putting a bull's-eye on the state agency loathed by many developers.

It's the Florida Department of Community Affairs, which reviews development projects with a staff of about 220 and a budget of $280 million.

The DCA was designed to bring a regional perspective to major growth decisions that affect the lives of people outside the jurisdiction of the local government that is considering the project.

To Scott, it's a clear-cut case of too much red tape.

"On the campaign trail, I'll tell you the one that everybody's fed up with. It's DCA," Scott says. "It's really impacted people that want to build things. Their attitude is, 'How can somebody in Tallahassee tell my local community what we want, and DCA sits there and tells us we can't do it?' … I'll tell you, it's really killing jobs."


Targeting the DCA for elimination is not a new idea in Tallahassee. Measures to dismantle the DCA have been filed several times in recent years, but the agency always manages to survive.

"Democrat Alex Sink has said she supports reauthorizing the department. The future of the agency was left in question last spring when the House refused to reauthorize the agency."
What good is the law if nobody's left to enforce it?

*I have nothing to substantiate this, it's just my personal belief"?? Huh?? Facts seem to not matter if they conflict with ideology.

Sink's potential veto could stand in the way. Nuff said.

Ok, you have successfully stolen and killed the thread. Mission accomplished. Bye, don't waste your post, more of the same, same, same,same.......

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October 22, 2010 09:44AM
So Ed,
By Your definition(s), and opinions...
Mr. Scott is 'bad',
but Mr. Bell is "good"?

I think if You check Your email, You'll find that I Quoted that article (citing same as well) to Chip Morris (of the "Drive Time Happy Hour Talk Show" on 97.3 FM broadcasting out of (both) Ocala And Gainesville)?
I think it was 1 of the reasons for advocacy FOR Amendment 4?

(because I think Mr. Scott unstoppable) And it's going to be a long 12 more days until the votes are tallied.
Ed, to advocate for Ms. Sink upon the stance that "she'll keep the DCA in place" (which since spring this year hasn't been reauthorized by the Florida House; and without reauthorization, the funding stops. Ed, DCA was/is "Already Gone", and a Governor's Veto doesn't provide the Funding To Keep It Alive, shy of Emergency Executive Order. Alex probably won't go there, but even if She Did, we have a Bi-Cameral Legislative Branch and if THEY don't want the DCA around any longer, it's pretty much done). Mr. Scott hypothicating that he'd do (what the House already has Done) isn't reaching too far. It seems like Your "beef" has been since March, and With The Florida House of Representatives?

Ms. Sink Can Veto their lack of Re-Authorization if Governor. She still couldn't provide them the $280,000,000. that they require for their Budget, Ed.

A campaign for Alex Sink over the fact that she'd advocate for (but can't fund) the DCA as Governor,
I don't think a winning strategy. I Agree With You that the DCA IS Critical for stopping sprawl and keeping uncontrolled growth in check;
And that's a battle we'll have to fight for in both the House and Senate with WhoEver gets elected.
Ed, it (the battles for what we perceive to be 'righteous') never ends. Michael Bloomberg is Mayor of New York because he had more money for his personal campaign than all the other candidates (and their statewide party's) combined. I believe Mr. Scott will win for the same reason.

I hope I'm wrong, I just don't think so; (and just so You'll be surprised) I believe more people will be crossing party lines this year than ever before in Florida. My wife and I, and our grown adult children (regardless of the NRA's endorsements) won't be voting for republicans in the Governor's, CFO's OR County Commission races. So there, You won (even though You didn't think You had...Like Betty Berger says: "You only lose when You quit!").

Some times the options are "bad & worse". When that's the case (regardless of their view of it being a 'mandate' after the fact), we just have to vote for "bad".
Me & mine won't be voting for 'worse'.
WASTED VOTES are only the ones' not cast.
October 22, 2010 12:57PM
I do not regard myself as a member of any main stream political party. I register as such because of the way FL structures the primaries. After looking at the total package of any given candidate ( stance on issues, competence & perhaps most important, personal honesty, trust worthiness & moral regard as a human being ) I vote for the person.

Personally I do not trust Scott. To me he is blatantly dishonest & a liar. If he ran an ad with a 50 caliber machine gun slung across his back, it would not matter. He is obviously self serving and has only one real agenda - himself. At least Sink has some personal investment in FL. I first knew of her when her husband ran for Governor a decade ago. Her kids who are now adults were raised here in FL. She will be the first Governor in two decades who sent their kids to public school and participated in their school life just like any other parent. Even though they were obviously well off, she encouraged her children to not judge people by their economic status when making friends. According to an article I read in Florida Trend magazine when Bill was running for Gov, when the kids had friends over after school, you would be just as likely to find kids from the trailer park down the road as you would a Senator's son. This says a lot to me.

As hard as I try to not look at a persons political party affiliation, however, I do see a disturbing trend. Unfortunately, I have to echo Mick's words about Republicans. Rarely after in depth analysis do I find a Republican candidate that I feel I can trust. It is amazing how often they remind me of Orwell's " new-speak" and what they say is actually the opposite of what they practice. What is even more scary is the Republican Party's hard core stance on following the "party line". It reminds me of what we always accused the communists of doing. Fall in line or be exterminated. Look what they have done to Charlie Crist who was once their poster child. Now they have embraced Rubio who is extemely adept at new-speak and saying what people want to hear. If you wonder how Marco could rise to power so fast for as a young upstart, you need to do some research on where his funding comes from, who his father really was and how the Cuban mafia came to FL when Batista got overthrown.

I just wish people would do some research on their own before they vote. A candidate is not always what a highly paid marketing firm is brainwashing you to believe they are. Money can buy anything these days and unfortunately it seems to me the average American voter has become apathetic and brain dead from over indulgence of alcohol & drugs, prescribed or otherwise.

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Scott's Florida is grim place for average citizen
October 24, 2010 12:43PM
Scott's Florida is grim place for average citizen

St. Pete Times, In Print: Sunday, October 24, 2010

The question of whether Alex Sink or Rick Scott has been the most ethical, trustworthy leader in private business has been answered decisively in Sink's favor. Now as the deadlocked governor's race enters the final week, Sink needs to make clear why her pragmatic vision for Florida's future is far preferable to the radical one proposed by Scott. Her best chance comes Monday night at the final debate in Tampa.

The Democrat would be an essential check on the arrogant, right-wing Legislature. Scott is marching in sync with his fellow Republicans, incoming Senate President Mike Haridopolos and incoming House Speaker Dean Cannon. What would it mean if the Governor's Mansion and the Legislature were always in lockstep?

In Scott's Florida, government would all but abandon its obligation to protect consumers, parents, women, minorities and property owners. Insurers, health care companies, developers, private schools and big business would be the big winners — which is why Associated Industries, the Florida Chamber of Commerce and other business interests are in Scott's camp. For the average Floridian, it is not a pretty picture.

Scott would deregulate property insurance, sending premiums sky-high. He would fight health care reform, leaving 4 million uninsured Floridians on their own. The evisceration of growth management would continue, allowing developers free rein. The state's tourism and fishing industries would be at risk to offshore drilling.

The Republican talks about school choice, but that's code. Private school vouchers would be expanded and divert money from public schools. There would be an Arizona-style immigration law that would discriminate against minorities; abortion restrictions that threaten the constitutional rights of women; and a ban on adoptions by gay Floridians that the courts have overturned.

Scott's fiscal promises are just as unworkable. He claims he can dramatically cut taxes and balance the state budget through spending cuts without harming education funding. But the few specifics he's provided, such as slicing the prison budget by 40 percent, suggest unthinkable trade-offs.

Now Sink needs to sharply contrast that approach with her own. She better protects the rights of all Floridians and offers a level playing field, not one tilted to the powerful. And she is a proven fiscal conservative as chief financial officer who promises smart cost-cutting to balance the budget without raising taxes.

Sink opposes oil drilling. She supports streamlining growth management but not abandoning it. She backs investment in rail and other transportation. And she would encourage private property insurers to return without letting them set their own rates and avoid consumer protections. All are key to maintaining Florida's industries and attracting new ones.

Sink would be every Floridian's governor. Scott would have Floridians fend for themselves. That's the message Sink needs to drive home Monday night.
Great Scott, this man is over the top, by Carl Hiasson
October 27, 2010 12:39PM
Great Scott, this man is over the top

By Carl Hiaasen, Miami Herald
In Print: Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Even by Florida's shaky standards, Rick Scott stands out as one of the most outlandish characters ever to pop out of the woodwork. • His presence makes this year's governor's race a momentous IQ test for voters. A man who couldn't run an honest company now wants to run state government. Duh. • It's one of those you-can't-be-serious stories that just might come true.

Scott is brimming with oversized promises but, by his own admission, he struggles with the concept of commitment.

"I don't know what the def — your definition or anybody's definition of an 'agreement' is, or an 'offer' is, or 'promise' is," he testified in an evasive 1997 deposition.

Scott has spent long hours among attorneys because the health care firm that he headed, Columbia/HCA Healthcare Corp., falsified patients' bills and gave kickbacks to doctors, among other scams.

While the FBI was hauling away company records, Scott got the boot. Columbia/HCA later paid a $1.7 billion fine for perpetrating the largest Medicare fraud in the history of Medicare, no small feat.

Scott was never charged with a crime, which is currently the high point of his resume. He left Columbia/HCA with a $300 million-plus severance package that is helping to bankroll his gubernatorial campaign.

The Republican leadership, which attacked Scott relentlessly before the primary, has now lined up behind him to throw mud at Democrat Alex Sink. It's the only feasible strategy, when your own candidate has such a messy history.

Of his years as chief of Columbia/HCA, Scott says he takes responsibility for what occurred, but insists he didn't know anything illegal was going on.

The fraud was so massive and institutionalized that his statement can't be taken seriously. If he truly didn't know what was happening all around him, he's an incompetent fool.

And if he did know, he's a lying crook.

Either way, Floridians need a governor with a different sense of mission.

On the campaign trail, Scott prefers not to revisit the old days. However, glimpses of his management style are evident in some of his depositions.

"I sign letters all the time that I have not read," he testified in one Texas case.

When asked to look at a letter bearing his own signature, Scott said, rather unhelpfully, "I would characterize it as a letter with these words."

Time and again he was stricken with situational amnesia regarding his own orders and actions.

"Promise" wasn't the only word that confused him under questioning. A lawyer by training, he appeared muddled by the definitions of simple terms such as "profit," "market" and even "Central Florida."

Voters might know more about the real Rick Scott if he hadn't invoked the Fifth Amendment 75 times in that now-infamous 2000 deposition in which he refused to answer questions.

That was his right, of course. He was a private citizen then, not a candidate for public office. He didn't even move to Florida until 2003.

Yet, this year, six days before filing for the governor's race, Scott gave another deposition in a case involving Solantic, a chain of urgent-care health centers that he started.

A doctor had accused Solantic of submitting false medical information. The lawsuit was settled by a confidential agreement, and Scott refuses to release the contents of his testimony.

"A private matter," he said.

Not when you're running for governor it isn't. Not when you're promoting yourself as a business whiz and natural-born leader.

Whatever Scott said in that June deposition obviously won't help his campaign, or he wouldn't be hiding it. This is known as a red flag.

Meanwhile, he's sticking to the script, touting himself as an outsider who will storm Tallahassee and turn that inbred culture upside-down. This is sheer fantasy, but it strikes a note in tough times.

The "tea party" crowd likes Scott's antigovernment, antitax message, overlooking the fact that he made his fortune off Medicare, a giant taxpayer-funded entitlement program.

Scott also draws cheers by blasting the new federal health care legislation. No wonder he's all hot and bothered — the old health care system was very good to him. His company milked it big time.

Polls show the race between Scott and Sink is close. If Scott wins, it will surely reignite the debate over whether Florida or California is the dumbest state in the union.

Meanwhile, the man who can't grasp the definition of a promise has plenty of big ones to peddle. At every appearance, Scott grandly pledges to single-handedly slash property taxes, create 700,000 new jobs and shrink state government.

And right after that, he'll climb into a great big balloon and fly Dorothy and Toto back to Kansas.
For Those of YOU who still haven't VOTED YET.....
October 29, 2010 11:15AM
Florida led (through AG Bill McCollum) the FIGHT Against "ObamaCare".
Alex Sink SUPPORTS "ObamaCare".
IF Elected, the claim on the part of Florida against the Federal Government in Support of our 10th Amendment States' Rights dies.

IF You think "ObamaCare" is the 'way to the future' (for a system that's already broken, no denials)
You MUST Watch this video:


and realize, ObamaCare was all about RATIONING from the start.
Gaining Control (via 'Single Payer') from the start.
The FEDERAL Gov.Org CONTROLLING what and WHEN You receive when it comes to Health Care and creation of the (naturally) Largest BLACK MARKET (for health care of all things) since Prohibition.

Alex Sink can't wait to institute it in Florida.
Click on the link and listen to a 30+ yr experienced SURGEON (who actually READ THE BILL that congress DIDN'T,
AND TESTIFIED BEFORE THEM, in DC) and realize, 46% of all MD's are going to QUIT,
$500 BILLION Is STILL Going to be Cut from Medicare AND 30+ MILLION are going to be (or already have been) ADDED to Medicare & Medicaid's Rolls!

Alex Sink Supports THIS?
It's something Joseph Mengele would have been proud of;
(& our Congress ALREADY PASSED IT!)
If YOU are over 65, a vote for Alex Sink is a Vote for Your Own Suicide.
You won't be able to GET Health Care, PERIOD (no matter HOW GOOD Your INSURANCE or How Deeply Your Pockets are FILLED WITH CA$H!).

Just Watch the VIDEO.
October 29, 2010 11:57AM
Mr. Peters can't see his own convoluted dichotomy: supporting both Amendment 4 and Mr. Scott. On one hand, let's have growth management and on the other, let's get rid of growth management???

He can bring up all his tea party ideology he wants, but this thread is not about Obamacare.

I agree with only one thing, this race, like many others, is a 'none of the above' choice. But let's try to save what's left of Florida, eh? Mr. Scott is merely the incarnation of a bulldozer, and, he is way more dishonest.

My only point: IMO we NEED to have a balance against the rapacious criminals in the state legislature.

Just once, let someone else get the last word, or better yet, start your own thread if you can find something positive about Scott.

Edited 3 time(s). Last edit at 10/29/2010 03:37PM by Ed Candela.
October 30, 2010 12:04AM
Re-read the thread, Ed;
Stated that me and mine WOULDN'T be voting for Republicans for GOVERNOR,

On the one hand You OPPOSE Mr. Scott because he's a Crook;
on the Other hand You SUPPORT Mr. Bell KNOWING he's a Crook?
Who's living the convoluted dichotomy?

A4 puts the ultimate Check/Balance of power back in the hands of VOTERS,
AFTER the BOCC (Or more local Town Council/Commission) Have Already Voted
(ergo we KNOW what They Think). Since DCA hasn't been re-authorized, I don't see them
surviving until this time next year WHO EVER YOU (or I) cast a ballot for, Or Even WHO Prevails?
So IF they're gone, wouldn't it be nice for EVERYONE (instead of Only Yankeetown) to have FHD,
so as to hold the developers (and our elected leaders) accountable?

Ms. SINK Is Supposed to be Who and What this Thread is about;
She supports ObamaCare. Rationed, Single Payer, Government Run Health Care.
& Ed, it won't work, never has; never will.
Meanwhile millions who've paid hundreds of Billions (more like Trillions) in to Insurance Programs and Medicare Will
Be DENIED life sustaining services in the near future (Starting NEXT YEAR...did You WATCH THE VIDEO? Did Ms. SINK before ENDORSING SAME for ALL FLORIDIANS...except herself and the 'elites' of course?)
No Way can I vote for someone who thinks Government Knows what My Family Needs Better than Our Family Doctor.
End of story, no further comment.
You can swear she's the best thing since sliced bread,
IF she gets elected, we'll see. Just remember Your words here, some day (sooner than later) You may have to eat them.
I hope not, for the sake of both Yourself and Pat, because Health Care shouldn't be government controlled.
If it were I'd have already lost a wife.
January 08, 2011 06:26PM
Well, you got your wish:

Scott: Send in the sprawl:
Governor seems intent on gutting agency that protects Floridians
Posted: 6:42 p.m. Friday, Jan. 7, 2011

Gov. Scott just got to work on opening up Florida to bad development.

To lead the state's growth-management agency, the Department of Community Affairs, the governor chose a former vice president of the St. Joe Co., Florida's largest, and very well-connected, landowner. As the news release announcing Billy Buzzett's appointment made clear, Gov. Scott believes the myth that developers in Florida face too many obstacles.

Mr. Buzzett, who is back to working as a land-use lawyer, served on the group that advised Gov. Scott on regulatory reform. That group recommended merging the departments of community affairs, transportation and environmental protection, which the governor's office refers to as "similar state functions." In fact, they aren't. The goal is to emasculate the agency that the state created in 1985 to ensure that the Growth Management Law was followed.

In the past quarter-century, the Legislature and various governors have chipped away at those rules. Among other things, the law requires that public services such as roads be in place when development occurs. The Department of Community Affairs also can weigh in on projects so large that they would affect a whole region. Notably, the DCA helped to stop an oversized, oceanfront project envisioned for Palm Beach County's trailer-park town of Briny Breezes. The DCA intervened successfully to move a proposed inland port from the path of Everglades restoration. The DCA also opposed efforts to build new, unneeded towns in central Florida that would be accessible by wasteful, taxpayer-subsidized transportation networks.

Now, Gov. Scott wants to plow under what remains of the rules, supposedly in the name of job creation. Despite those rules, however, Florida overbuilt worse than any state except Nevada. According to the former DCA secretary, there are 600,000 approved but unbuilt housing units, along with 400,000 built but vacant units. Florida's population of nearly 19 million has been projected to be 36 million in 2050.

Since local politicians bend growth rules too easily, the DCA is the only check on bad development. Given Gov. Scott's choice, he believes that is one check too many.

- Randy Schultz,
for The Palm Beach Post Editorial Board
January 12, 2011 12:39PM
Statewide Planning and Conservation Groups
Call for Refinements to Florida’s Land Planning Process
January 10, 2011
Recognizing the need to refine the way Florida manages growth, Florida’s leading planning and conservation groups have developed a series of recommendations for Gov. Rick Scott, House Speaker Dean Cannon, and Senate President Mike Haridopolos as they assume leadership roles in Florida. 1000 Friends of Florida, Audubon of Florida, the Florida Wildlife Federation, Sierra Club, The Nature Conservancy, and Tropical Audubon Society have transmitted two documents to Florida’s incoming leadership.

Explains 1000 Friends President, Charles Pattison, FAICP, “We look forward to working cooperatively with Florida’s new leaders to develop positive, workable approaches to managing growth in our state.” He maintains, “Major corporations plan for the future, and Florida should too.”

The two documents, Planning for Quality Growth and Economic Prosperity for Florida’s Future¸ and Why Planning is an Effective Economic Development Tool for Florida, identify refocused planning strategies to protect significant statewide interests, save taxpayer dollars, streamline the state planning process, and explain why effective planning is essential for sustained economic recovery.

Major recommendations include lessening state oversight in appropriately designated urban infill and redevelopment areas while increasing focus on rural and “edge” areas with significant natural resources. The report also includes the recommendation that new development cover the cost of associated infrastructure and services so taxpayers are not forced to subsidize development through higher taxes. While calling for an independent state land planning agency, the groups recognize that it may be appropriate to unite growth management functions at the state level with other related and compatible government missions.

"In his inaugural address, Governor Scott expressed his desire to make Florida the most attractive place in the world for employers to locate their businesses. We share his desire to quickly provide job opportunities for nearly one million unemployed Floridians," said Kirk Fordham, CEO of the Everglades Foundation. "At the same time, our state is currently struggling to provide an adequate supply of water to existing residents, businesses and farmers. It is imperative that we immediately implement plans to protect our water supply and our spectacular natural resources while thoughtfully managing future growth."

Audubon of Florida’s Charles Lee notes, “There is an important tradeoff to be made in restructuring the state level approach to growth management. Reducing state oversight in the urban areas where more growth should be encouraged is a good idea. Likewise, more careful state oversight assuring new development takes place in appropriate locations outside the urban boundary and better protecting sensitive ecosystems is essential.” Lee explains, “Increased emphasis should be placed on protecting Florida’s most significant natural areas like the Everglades, Green Swamp and Wekiva.”

“Florida’s environment is this state’s most important economic development asset,” says Florida Wildlife Federation President Manley Fuller. “Protecting the state’s natural assets is key to long-term economic vitality.”

Rudy Scheffer of the Sierra Club Florida Steering Committee explains, “Cost-efficient development saves taxpayer dollars now and in the future.” He notes, “Common sense planning measures reduce costs associated with infrastructure and services and protect natural lands that perform vital functions Florida's citizens depend on.”

“Florida needs a vision-based comprehensive plan to promote cost-effective land development that does not harm the state’s most significant resources,” says The Nature Conservancy’s Florida Chapter Director Jeff Danter. “The state budget should be tied to this plan to ensure most efficient use of taxpayer dollars.”

“It’s important to recognize that a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach won’t protect the state’s most sensitive ecosystems, ” explains Laura Reynolds, Executive Director of the Tropical Audubon Society. “We believe that a stakeholder-driven consensus process should be established to protect this state’s most sensitive lands.”

1000 Friends’ Pattison concludes, “Not only do these recommendations protect natural lands and streamline planning programs, but they also are in the best interest of the taxpayers of Florida as we all work to achieve the quickest possible economic recovery.”
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