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Yankeetown Woman's Club

Posted by AMAZED 
Yankeetown Woman's Club
May 06, 2006 08:20AM
When did our local Woman's Club get so involved in politics. They went so far as to have someone speak on the people who wear the "SAVE YANKEETOWN" t-shirts. They actually say that these t-shirts spread hate. How could a beautiful scene of the river and a bird spread hate. We all know that they are willing to get a town employee fired so one of their own can be hired at Town Hall. Now that's spreading "good will" isn't it? One of these fine women's husband was overheard asking another council member when they were going to shut the mouth of the little woman on the council. These Woman Club memebers had better start at home spreading the good will! Seems a little funny that a club would openly take sides - wonder if you can't belong to the club if you don't feel the same way they do?

Re: Yankeetown Woman's Club
May 06, 2006 10:55AM
Neither Politics nor religion nor race need to be debated within the Yankeetown Women's Club members or members spouses. The YWC has
been very good to this town by supplying a place where the residents and
concerned citizens can all attend these very important meetings and take part in the discussions and decisions about the town's future. You don't want to take on issues regarding freedom of rights over clothing someone is wearing that has a sign you don't appreciate at these meetings.. Discuss it with that person or take it outside, or even better .. Make your
own T shirt... Clothing is immaterial... People are important..Yankeetown is
important... These meetings are important... I, for one, really do appreciate
the YWC and it's assistance in providing a place for the people to be able
to attend these meetings. The YWC members all work very hard and
are very charitable and their fund raisers have always been great at bringing a small town together for GOOD.... Just my opinion.. Gracie
I really, REALLY want to agree with You....however, I can't. I believe EVERYONE should be involved in "politics", especially LOCAL politics.
Your view matters not, Your INVOLVEMENT, completely.

While I thank the local women's club for the use of their facility allowing the attendance of the many people(including me) new, or newly interested in local politics, the town is PAYING for the use of that building for those town meetings. Just like You have RIGHTS of ownership when LEASING a house You live in, the TOWN has Right of Ownership while having a PUBLIC meeting in an otherwise private place.

That said, anybody wearing a "t-shirt" or carrying anything else that wouldn't be construed as a "weapon" should be allowed with open arms. A person wearing a "malcolm x" t-shirt to the local kkk hall, or a "I Love Saddam Hussein" shirt to the local national guard armory, while certainly not appreciated, can NOT be intimidated, or "banned" from attendance. Your 1st Amendment Right to Free Speach can NOT be deterred at a PUBLIC Meeting on PUBLIC PROPERTY. Anything this side of screaming "FIRE" should be welcomed.

I PREFER if the (small remaining number of) the folks advocating law breakers furthering an illegal development in opposition to the overwhelming majority of the community making their views known publicly.
I can't invite You to sit down over a cup of coffee, glass of iced tea, piece of pie, and try to very politely change Your mind with the facts, and seperate Your feelings of emotional attachment for Your "friends" in all of this if I know not who You are and Your position on the issue. As the famous grandma used to say, "You catch more flies with honey than vinegar". You May be able to beat Your opposition into submission with Legal tools and that overwhelming majority, especially with THESE developers and their scummy tactics. However, what about the next folks taking their place coming to town. IF You educate someone about what has happened across the state in the last 6 years, the destruction of ALL of the little river and gulf front towns LIKE Yankeetown and INGLIS over just the last THREE years, and note that Yankeetown/Inlis are the ABSOLUTE LAST of a former legacy for this state....being ONE of a kind remaining certainly adds equally (or more) to property values for the folks brainwashed into thinking this would actually enhance their value, do You think? Facts win debates, not Emotions. If YOU can LEAVE your EMOTIONS at the door, when sitting down with someone, and they can separate themselves from their's for but a moment...we just won another freedom fighter! This is a long term battle for hearts and minds. Just a few festering sore "losers" after this is all over can be the advocates of far more damaging "real developers" for the future.

I know not about the things that You (amazed) claim were being talked about, or attempted to be facilitated regarding town employees, however free speach, even in a private club, is not a bad thing. IF it Encourages Illegal Acts on the Part of a person or persons after the fact, there is nothing good in that and could be thought of as "colusion" or acting as one. Not a good (or legal) thing.

(All) Leadership is by EXAMPLE -Vince Lombardi, and Sarte' before him, and Plato before him. You saw, You heard, You were impressed, even if it was negatively. Maybe You are right, maybe the club should look at it's attitude, and how they want to be viewed by their overall membership and the community?
Re: Yankeetown Woman's Club
May 06, 2006 01:31PM
the Woman's club only charges for it's use for weddings,anniversaries etc.It DOES NOT charge for things connected with the community,e.g. town council, coast guard aux, crime watch,girl scout meetings.etc. So please get your facts straight before you make another mistake.
clatdon, the point is whether they are charged or not, when it becomes the "upgraded" town hall, it BECOMES a PUBLIC meeting place. The FACT that they DONATE the use of the Club's facilities merely MORE reinforces that which Gracie stated...
My last 2 cents on the matter would be to THANK them for their time and obvious dedication to the community (and government, which IS the people), and
finally, some "food for thought" for "Amazed".

Just because 1, or a few say something You disagree with or find offense in, does not mean that they as a few individuals, represent the views of the overwhelming majority of any club, group, or entity. I speak solely for myself and represent no one else with my opinion.
Thank You Ladies, again of the Women's Club for Your commitment to Community, and Helping out the town with the Donation of the use of Your facilities when they are needed by the town.
Eleanor Berkley
Re: Yankeetown Woman's Club
May 06, 2006 10:51PM
As a seven year member and newly elected President of the Yankeetown-Inglis Woman’s Club and Winding River Garden Club, I feel obligated to make some observations about the “Save Yankeetown” debate.
The Yankeetown-Inglis Woman’s Club owns and maintains (with the help of a small number of benefactors) the A.F. Knotts Library which had over 2,300 visitors and 716 computer users in the first quarter of 2006 alone. Through the selfless efforts of the members, the Club donates over $7,000, plus numerous non-cash donations, to help support local groups and grants up to six annual scholarships to local students. We also open our doors at no cost to the town of Yankeetown, the Coast Guard Auxiliary, AARP, and the Girl Scouts.
The Winding River Garden Club established and maintains the Winding River Park which has been used for numerous weddings, memorials, Christmas celebrations and simply a quiet retreat for anyone to enjoy at the corner of 56th and Riverside Drive.
Other volunteer groups including the Lions Club, The Friends of the Library, and public servant positions have, like the Woman’s Club and Garden Club, suffered a decline in volunteers. These organizations very clearly represent the true meaning of “Save Yankeetown.”
Many people have come out of the woodwork to participate in this group and suddenly seem to have much time, energy and resources to contribute. Where were they these many years in supporting these long-standing volunteer groups where people of diverse opinions and backgrounds have worked successfully and productively together to produce positive results for our communities? The lack of support, harassment and viciousness towards our elected and duly appointed town officials, who serve them freely, seems to take more precedence. These actions are not accomplishing anything except causing a rift in the residents of Yankeetown.
The Woman’s Club Collect states, in part, “Keep us, Oh God, from pettiness; let us be large in thought, in word, in deed. Let us be done with fault finding and leave off self-seeking. . .And, Oh Lord God, let us not forget to be kind!” These, from my perspective, should be words both well remembered and practiced.
Thank You Eleanor,
I appreciated learning much more about the Women's Club. I have been a volunteer fireman for 28 of my 47 years on this planet. We all should serve our community with our God given talents, and I agree completely, all who have time to post here, even "anonymously" have time to give back to their community. Even before we move there I plan on submitting my application to the fire department (we have a home under contract, however we have not yet closed). I however also beleive that the thousands of hours put in by all of the volunteers in the process of making sure our government is honest and actually represents it's constituents, that "developers" are honest and forthright about their intentions for Your (and my about to be) community are critical issues for any community. The local government's officials should be paid in my opinion, I've stated that many times here, beginning with my very first posting. They have a full time/part time "JOB" and expecting them to do it for "free" is unrealistic. Unfortunately, it can also lead to abuse of office for personal gain. If all who "WORK" in the local government were duly compensated, I beleive a fair amount of this mess may have never happened in the first place. I will be moving from a town half the size of Yankeetown, and all of our town officials have been compensated for the last 25+ years. We have also had no graft, corruption, or abuse of office investigations or prosecutions in that same period. Such I beleive will not soon be able to be claimed by Yankeetown. When people abuse political positions of power for personal gain in Florida it is against the law. When these same persons decieve their constuents (for ANY reason) that is also against the law.
Eleanor, I beleive being Large in Thought, In Word, and Deed equates to
reporting illegal activity, "doing the right thing" and not futhering additional criminal behavior by being honest with ourselves and asking if we can live with such corruption.
IF we can not, we MUST do the right thing, by our selves, our families, our community, and our God.
Hopefully after this is all concluded, many of the volunteers for this cause will in fact continue to give back to the community in other ventures, such as the library, Lions Club, Womens Club, and Garden Club.
I know, if accepted (as I come quite qualified) I will be at the fires after training attempting to protect the community's people and property.
I have always given back that way.
I hope my efforts will some day soon be appreciated, and in reality hope they are never needed. As a fireman, we wish, and we pray that there are no fires, no accidents, and no hazmat incidents, yet we must prepare for they are indeed inevitable.
As inevitable as Yankeetown's return to glory as a wonderful town to raise a family, retire, or just sit and watch the river go by, after all of this is over.
Thank You again for educating at least my wife and I about the many good things that the Women's Club gives back to the community, beyond just the town government using Your building for meetings.

Re: Yankeetown Woman's Club
May 06, 2006 11:43PM

You're amazed to find women involved in politics? What? Women with opinions and ideas!? How dare they! Don't they know their place (at home, spreading good will), making sure dinner is on the table at the appropriate time and otherwise keeping their mouths shut? And it's not what's ON the shirt that spreads hate, it's whats IN the shirt.


My wife and You will get along famously, even if You agree on very little, agreeing to disagree while doing things FOR the community and each other is how we survive AS a community.

When the Mallory Swamp Fire burned up 57,000 acres up here (and almost our home on 3 separate occasions, I initially worked 56 hours straight on the fire lines. My wife and son were left to evacuate horses, dogs, other livestock. My neighbors knew of their dilemma and came to the assistance of my family, while I was saving others' homes and farms.
My wife didn't ask and neither did I when on the fire lines we were being delivered food, water, equipment, clean socks, blankets, or anything that was brought to us....
Are You a Republican/Democrat/Indepenent/Libertarian/Christian/Babtist/Catholic/Jew or Egnostic? At times like then, and as boots on the ground as a FEMA volunteer after recent hurricanes, nobody cares. People forget that crap, and realize help, is help.
We all need it sometimes.
Amazed, I think probably "is" now, "JT" <smile>
We Don't judge a book by it's cover,
for it's the words inside that make the book.
Re: Yankeetown Woman's Club
May 07, 2006 08:35AM
To Mike Peters, Eleanor Berkley and anyone else who has posted under this topic. You have totally misssed the whole point. No one in this town is questioning the fact that the Woman's Club has done great things for this community. No one is suggesting that women shouldn't have a say in politics. The whole point of this posting is that the members of this club are also individuals and not all of them feel the same about the development or the politics that are going on in this town right now. I have spoken to some members that were present at the last meeting who definitely do not support the development or the way the present town government is handling all of this. Their comment was that they had never seen their club meetings used to further one side of such a hot issue in our town. If they are worried about their membership maybe they should stick to neutral issues in their meetings. Outside these meetings, the members, like everyone else in the community should be able to air their feeling in any manner they want to. I'll bet some of the members in that meeting already have one of those "hate filled shirts" and a sign in their yard!
Reel Time
Re: Yankeetown Woman's Club
May 07, 2006 08:53AM
Well said Amazed. The Woman's Club provides a great service to the community. Even more so, they have opened their doors to the City Government to conduct Government business when more space was needed. The problem occurred when politics crossed over to community service.
Re: Yankeetown Woman's Club
May 07, 2006 09:12AM
In regards to Mrs. Berkley's statement about our appointed and elected town officials serving the people of this town - we really haven't seen most of them doing much of that lately.
Re: Yankeetown Woman's Club
May 07, 2006 09:42AM
The point was not missed. The point of your posting is that you heard an opinion you didn't like or agree with or hit a little too close to home by one speaker and have attempted to spin it into the club as a whole as having taken a side. Not the case. Once again Ladies, sit down, shut up, and by all means, stay 'neutral'. Are you wearing your shirt right now?
Patricia Candela
Close down the Developers, not the Town
May 07, 2006 10:29AM
Those of you who would like your postings to be taken seriously might consider using spell check occasionally as a courtesy to your readers. It would make wading through some of the longer posts a bit less excruciating. That won’t help with the differences between sole and soul , whose and who’s or its and it’s (or our mayor’s famous residents and residence), but it would clarify a lot of other words, e.g. believe, deceive, speech, conspiracies, constituents, dissolved, divide, emergency, environment, erosion, illegal, independent, inhabitable, parties, philosophy, population, purification, pursuing, received, separate, topsoil, visibly, the misspelling of most of which may be simply the result of sloppy writing. I do not fault people who really can’t spell. There is no shame in honest mistakes. It’s those who CAN spell but neglect to take time to proofread their writing before publishing it whom I fault as disrespectful of their readers.
In case anyone is interested: it’s is a contraction for it is. While it’s true that an apostrophe is used to indicate possession with nouns, to indicate possession with pronouns (her, it), there is NO apostrophe before the s. Likewise, whose is the possessive and who’s= who is.
Certainly any document ultimately destined for perusal by folks upstate should be scrutinized for errors in presentation as well as for absolute and supportable factual accuracy before submission.
Less bluster and maligning of character and more accurate and concise documentation and reporting of facts could greatly advance the cause of the Defenders of Yankeetown. We must concentrate our time, money and energy in a consolidated, unified effort if we want to win this fight. Extremists and splinter groups, like bad spelling, only detract from the message. Petty in-fighting and invective and spiteful words and behavior may not be illegal, but they are as despicable and destructive as greed and fraud. We want to close down the developers, not our town.

I completely got Your point, and appreciated the information...
However, going to "point B" is called "ASSUMING" and can not be done without potential public or private embarassment.
A-Was that certain women discussed openly their views in support of something. Apparently, based on their, or others' ordained "status" it was (if by none other than You) concluded to be the position of the complete organization.

I pray to GOD, and announce here in the presence of Him and all who read this that my intentions are MY OWN, and no others, I represent myself with my OWN views, and SPEAK FOR NO OTHER PERSON, group, or entity, and have freely chosen of my own will to associate myself and my wife (OF HER FREE WILL AND CHOOSING) with others in a loosely knit group of people in a singular common goal....JUSTICE.
"Saving Yankeetown And Inglis"(and the River as we know and love it) are the guaranteed result of this "goal".

Nothing more and nothing less.
They BROKE the Law(& I ain't talkin' 'bout the Womens Club!).
They MUST be held accountable.
Re: Yankeetown Woman's Club
May 07, 2006 10:53AM
If JT is who I think she is - she hasn't been to the town meetings. How would she know what was going on if she did not hear it from someone else.
Re: Yankeetown Woman's Club
May 07, 2006 01:30PM
The information that we got was from a Woman's Club member who was at the meeting. I know who gave the talk and who aked her to do it. It is no rumor. That's what some of you would like people to think but it is not!
Re: Yankeetown Woman's Club
May 07, 2006 03:48PM
I made no mention of rumors when discussing the Women's Club meeting. The subject of the talk was "Civil Responsibility and Civil Behavior". At no point in the talk were women asked to further one side or another regarding this hot issue. It was a plea to return to civil behavior.
Re: Yankeetown Woman's Club
May 07, 2006 09:57PM
I would like to apologize to the Yankeetown woman’s club for the behavior of a few persons on this website. It seems that some individuals are getting a little hot headed and losing track of the problem at hand and easily get side tracked with their personal points of view or opinions.
I just would like to say the woman’s club does an excellent job and is an asset to our community. Again, I apologize for the actions of the few. Thank you for everything you do.

I'm not the best at spelling, so if my wording offends anyone, "Get over it"
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